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NNN went into the palace, and when he saw the beautiful lady, he grabbed her and embraced her. She said: Do not embrace me. I already have a lover. His name is Laja'armsik. If you would plant him into the ashes, he would grow without roots, and could bear fruits without stems. He is a very powerful man.

NNN said: [[strikethrough]]I would[[/strikethrough]] You are as beautiful as a diamond. I would not have come here if I also were not brave and strong. I am as strong as iron, new iron not rusty iron. If you lover tries to stab me with his kris, his kris will become dull. The sun may set at 6 o'clock, but I am so strong that with my kris, I can stab the sun and again make it noon.

After NNN had been in the palace of the beautiful lady for one week, Laja'armsik told his [[strikethrough]]sm[[/strikethrough]] pet small bird to go to visit his lover. When the small bird arrived at the palace, he saw NNN and the beautiful lady embracing. As they were embracing, NNN saw the small bird. He said to the maid: What kind of a bird is that? The maid said: That is the bird of Laja'armsik. NNN said to the bird: Go home and tell you master that the beautiful lady is my wife already.

When the bird returned home, it said to Laja'armsik: While you have been sleeping behind your curtain, your lover has found another man. His name is NNN.

Laja'armsik became angry and started to shout. His voice was so powerful that it caused a tidal wave to come. When he resorted to his magic, it was so powerful that he could cause a 7 months baby to be born prematurely. If Laja'armsik lost his power, the sky would fall down and the world would end.

NNN said to the servant: Is there a very powerful man who lives near here?

The servant replied: Yes. It is Laja'armsik.

Laja soon arrived at the palace of the beautiful lady. He was as strong as an elephant, and he was so angry he looked like a witch and a devil.

He called up to NNN: Come down here, so I can fight you.

NNN said: First you come up here, so you can chew betel with your ex-lover.

Laja'armsik came up to the house with a very angry expression on his face as if he had been slapped by the devel, named Malikigibani. The beautiful lady prepared betel for Laja, but then gave it to NNN who placed it in a coconut shell and gave it to Laja'armsik. NNN gave the betel to Laja, and said that since we are only newly married we do not yet have money to buy a proper betel case, so we must use this coconut shell.

When Laja received the coconut shell, he immediately threw it at NNN. It hit him in the chest, and knocked him against the wall of the house. [[strikethrough]]He fell through the wall[[/strikethrough]] NNN picked up the shell, and threw it at Laja. Laja fell through the wall of the house, and one of his feet was buried in the debris. Laja yelled up at NNN and told him to come down so they could fight. NNN said he would come down as soon as he asked his wife for some betel.
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