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Laja said: Who will [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] be the one to start the fight?

NNN said: It should be you, since you were the one who came here.

Laja stabbed NNN with his kris, but NNN only laughed because he felt no pain. NNN said: You kris is like water trinkling on my body. You have a great reputation around this place of being very strong. Why don't you use some of  your strength now? Laja mustered all his strength together and again struck at NNN, but to no avail. NNN only laughed, and said: You are no man.

Laja became weakened by his attempts to kill NNN, so he asked NNN to kill him.

NNN said: Yes, I will stab you. You should stand very strongly, because the moment I stab you, you will die.

NNN hit him so hard with his kris that the body of Laja passed over seven mountains and seven rivers, and three days later he finally arrived back at the palace, still alive.

NNN jokingly said to him when he returned: I thought you came here to fight me. Why have you been running around for three days? You body is covered with blood and swollen, as if you are crazy.

Laja said: Let us fight on the big rock, 40 metres square, on my property. On this stone [[strikethrough]] s [[/strikethrough]] there were the bones of many men who had tried to court his beautiful lover.

NNN said: On your stone, or even up in the sky, I am not afraid to fight you.

Laja started home, with the agreement that they would meet tomorrow. The beautiful lady said to Laja: I do not want to see you again since you cannot defeat NNN.

The beautiful lady said to NNN: Do not go to the stone of Laja. It is a very powerful stone, and already it is covered by the many bones of the men killed by Ljaa.

Very early the following morning NNN went to the 40 meter stone. Laja had three brothers, who were djins, who lived in the sky. When Laja fought on the stone with his opponents, one of his brothers would go into the body of his opponent, one would [[strikethrough]] could [[/strikethrough]] go to the handle of the kris of the opponent, and one would go to the blade of the kris of the opponent.

When NNN arrived at the stone, he saw all the bones of the persons who had been killed by Laja and his three djin brothers. All the dead persons had tried to court the beautiful lady.

NNN and Laja began to fight. When Laja became tired of fighting, he shouted three times. His three brothers in the sky heard his shouts. They descended from the sky; one went into NNN's body, one went into the blade of his kris, and one into the handle of his kris. After they had fought for several years, NNN became weak. The three djin had used magic to weaken the power of NNN. NNN took some betel from his pocket, began to chew it, and swallowed some of the juice. He immediately became very strong again, and began to fight. But soon the power of the three djin made him weak again.
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