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Laja said: You have become weak. You should give up.

NNN said: I am a man, and I will not give up. You will have to kill me first. 

Laja swung at NNN with his sword and cut him in two like a hard-boiled egg. NNN died immediately. Laja then went to the palace of his beautiful lady.

When the beautiful lady first saw Laja approaching, she thought he was NNN. But when he came nearer, she realized that it was Laja.

When Laja entered the palace, the beautiful lady asked him what happend to NNN.

Laja said: He is already dead, cut in two like an egg.

While [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] Laja was in the palace, Hunja, also the son of a [[strikethrough]] duag [[/strikethrough]] datu, passed by.

Laja said: Where are you going?

Hunja said: I am going to the home of NNN.

Laja said: When you arrive there, askthe relatives of NNN if any of them want to challenge me. I will be waiting in this palace.

When he arrived at the home of NNN, he did not say anyting to the people there. Hunja is the first cousin of NNN.

The mother of NNN said to Hunja: Have you not heard anything of NNN being in the island of the beautiful lady.

Hunja said: I heard that Laja has killed NNN. [[strikethrough]] He s [[/strikethrough]] Laja told me to tell the relatives of NNN that if any of you want to challenge him he is waiting at the island of the beautiful lady.

The cries of the mother of NNN awakened Balabudunjaman, who had been sleeping for seven years, the first cousin of NNN. He went to the house of NNN's mother and asked her: Why are you crying?

She said: NNN has been killed by Laja. He has challenged any of NNN's relatives.

Immediately Bala went to get his kris. Within a few minutes, he had arrived at the home of the beautiful lady. The lady at first thought that Bala was NNN since they looked so much alike (refer to 'the beautiful lady' by her name since the narrator does.) When Bala arrived, he said to the lady: Has NNN ever come to this place?

She said: Indeed he has. I am his wife, but he has been killed by Laja'amsik.

Bala sent a challenge to Laja'amsik (who had returned home).

The beautiful lady said: He is already waiting at his palace to challenge anyone who wants to fight him.

The lady took the message to Laja and returned to her home where Bala was waiting. She told him that Laja accepted his challenge and will arrive soon.

When Laja heard that Bala was even stronger than NNN, he said: I am sorry that I offered to challenge any of NNN's relatives.

When Laja arrived at the beautiful lady's palace, [[strikethrough]] he [[/strikethrough]] Bala said: Come let us fight.
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