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[[circled]] ^[[1]] [[/circled]]

Teller: Panglima Adjarani Kudgisan
Birthplace: Lugus, Tapul, Siasi
Age: 66
E. G.: Taosug
C. S.: Married.

^[[Home of 1st Sultan is Istanbul]]

Tuan Ismail

A Christian went to the palace of Sultan [[strikethrough]] Igno [[/strikethrough]] Ibno Kadir Jailani [[strikethrough]] . [[/strikethrough]] to buy a piece of land. The sultan struck his gong [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] to gather all his followers. 

His followers said: What is the matter, sultan?

The sultan said: A Cristian has come here to buy a pice of land.

His followers said: That is good.

But his ^[[trusted companion]] follower said: The Christians are not to be trusted.

The Sultan said: Since all the followers are in favor of selling the land, we should sell it to the Christian.

The trusted servant said to the Sultan: It is up to you.

So the sultan told the Christian: One piece of land is 1000 pesos.

The Christian cut the skin of the cow into strips and sewed the strips end to end so that he could measure the land he was to buy. After the land was bought, the Christian went to the land and built his house there. The followers of the sultan sold many things to the Christian such as rice, bananas, etc. The Christian bought the fruit of the banana and even bought the trunk or stem of the banana tree. After they bought all these goods, the Christians threw them into the sea. The followers of the sultan soon had no food left because they had sold it all to the Christian. They went to the Christian to buy food. The Christian said: Even if you give me one ganta of coins for a ganta of food, I do not want to sell. If the sultan ^[[and his followers]] will be baptized as a Christian I will give you food.

The sultan struck his gong to gather all his followers :: We cannot buy food from the Christian; he will not sell a ganta fo food for a ganta of coins. If we will be baptized as Christians, he will give us food.

(there were several Christians living on the land, not [[strikethrough]] such [[/strikethrough]] just one)

The followers said: We had better be baptized as Christians, rather than starive to death.

The trusted servant of the sultan said: We hadbetter challenge the Christains, rather than be baptized.

The Sultan said to histrusted servant: If we are the only two who want to challenge the Christians, and the others do not want to, we had best follow the wiehse of the rest.
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