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[[circled]] ^[[3]] [[/circled]]

The seven adviors appeared and asked:  what is our problem?

The second sultan said:  I am worried about my first cousin.  He is under control of the Christians.  He and his wife are tied beneath their house, and hot and cold water are poured on them.  The Christians even urinate upon them.

The seven advisors said:  If you attack the Christians, we will be your front line forces.

The sultan said to his advisors:  You are all crazy.  I will cut all you heads off because you have offered no solution to my problem.

The sultan cut off the heads of the seven advisors, but he was still worred because his problem was not yet solved.

The sultan said to his seven [[underlined]] munari [[/underlined]] (a second group of adviors below the first group):  Look for the son of the old dead panglima; I want to talk to him.

The seven munari found the son of the old PL living in the mountain with his mother.  When the seven munari reached the house of the son of the old PL, Tuan Ismail, he greeted them with a smile.  The leader of the seven Munari was[[strikethrough]] M [[/strikethrough]] Mokahil.

Mokahil said:  We have been sent by the second sultan.  He is worred because his cousin is tied under he house of the Christian.  He wants to see you.

Tuan Ismail said:  I would like to go with you, but I have no clothing and I am very young.

The party then returned home to the home of the sultan.  The sultan asked them if they had found T. Ismail.  They said yes, but he could not come because he had no clothes.  He immediately ordered clothes to be sent to the boy T. Ismail.  He sent [[underlined]] kopot [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] badju lapid [[/underlined]] (old type Taosug tight clothes) and his personal sword to the young Ismail.  When the seven munari gave the clothing and sword to the young Tuan, he mounted a horse and rode to the palace of the sultan.

The sultan was looking from his window and saw the party approaching on their horses.  He closed the window and was disgusted at his munari because they had brought such a small boy to solve his problem.

When Tuan got off his horse, he began to climb the ladder to the house of the sultan.  When he stepped on the first rung, it broke;  likewise the second rung broke because of his great strength.  When he entered the sultan's house, the house began to sway and move because of his great strength.

When the sultan came out to see the boy, Tuan said:  What [[strikethrough]] your [[/strikethrough]] is your reason for calling me to your palace?

The sultan said:  I am worred because my first cousin is captured by the Christians.  My seven advisors could give me no sound advice, so I cut off their heads.

Tuan said:  The sultan should not be the ones to attack the Christians.  Your followers should be the ones to make the attack.  If [[strikethrough]] you [[/strikethrough]] the sultan leads the attack and is killed, there will be no leader for the people.  However, if some followers are killed, there will still be a leader for the rest of them.
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