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The sultan shouted with joy at the intelligent advice of Tuan Ismail.

The sultan asked Tuan: How many followers do you need?

Tuan said: I only need 500, plus myself and the trusted servant of the first sultan will make 502.

The Sultan said: What kind of fire arsm will you bring?

Tuan said: I will take no fire arms. Only 500 pieces of copper. Also, 500 patuks, 500 axes, 500 large bolos, and 500 small bolos.

The sultan said: If your intention is too attack the Christian village, why do you not take guns?

The tuan said: I will also take rice, corn, and black rice. Also ten blacksmiths, and ten men who can make explosives (like dynamite).

The sultan said: You may go now. So the 502 men left.

When they had traveled half way to the Christian village, Tuan left 50 of his men to stay and farm the area. After another month of travel, another 50 men were left to farm. When they [[strikethrough]] be [[/strikethrough]] were near the Christian village, another 50 were left to make guns and explosives.

Meanwhile, the second sultan wondered what had happened to Tuan. He hadheard of no attack, and a year had almost passed.

When they finished the cannon, it was so large that a man could stand upright in its barrel hold his spear above him, and he would not touch the top of the barrel. They gathered many trees and placed them in front of the gun facing the village of the Christians. The pile of trees was as high as a tall mountain. When everything was complete, Tuan put about 50 sacks of explosives inside the gun. 

On Thursday afternoon, Tuan went to the Christian village to play with the Christian children.He deliberately dropped coins near the captive sultan and his wife. He told the Christian children that his coins had fallen near the sultan. They told him to go get his coins, and kick the sultan and his wife while he was near them. 

When Tuan wasnear the sultan and his wife he told him: You escape tonight because tomorrow morning I am going to attack this village. 

That night the sultan and his wife escaped, but they were odorous because the Christians had dumped urine and feces on them while they were captives. They took a bath and rubbed their bodies with perfume to remove the odors.

Early the next morning,the trusted servant of the first sultan lighted the gun. The noise of the explosion was so loud that it lasted seven days and seven nights. After the sound subsided, the village of the Christians was ashes, and not a single Christians was alive. 

Tuan said to the trusted of the first sultan: You can go home now, but I will not go home without my cannon. The cannon was so large that even 1000 persons could not carry. it.
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