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^[[encircled 5]]

The cannon of Tuan told him that he could go home and said:  I am your cannon forever and ever, in this world and the next.  My name is Daham-dohom.  (name from the Koran).

They started home and met one of the groups they had left behind to raise crops.  The group said:  If it is possible, let us stay here.  You can go home without us.

Tuan said:  Come with me.  I am afraid the cultan will be angry if you do not come.  I will cut off all your heads if you do not come.

They went with Tuan.  They came upon a second group, and the same as above happened.  They followed him.  Many crops were growing in this area from these people.

When they approached the palace of the second sultan, the s sultan said:  What is the technique of Tuan Ismail?  He has not lost a single follower, in fact, he has added two, and now has 504.

When Tuan came into the palace, the sultan said:  You have made a very intelligent attack on the Christians.

Tuan said:  If I had rushed upon the village, we would have lost many men.  As it is, I have lost none.

Tuan was married to the youngest daughter of the second sultan.  The trusted servant of the first sultan was married to the eldest daughter of the second sultan. 

Some time later, another Christian village appeared with 1000 soldiers.  Tuan said to the trusted servant of the first sultan, Let us attack that village.

The tuan told the sultan of their plans to attack the village.

The sultan said:  You had better take fire arms with you.

Tuan said:  We will only take 1000 roosters with us.

The second sultan said:  How can you attack a village with only roosters?

When they went to the village of the Christians, Tuan approaced the Christian leader.  He said:  Let us have a cock fight.  if I [[strikethrough]] win, [[/strikethrough]] ^[[loose,]] you may have all my property and people.  If I win, I will get all your property and people.

When The cock fight began, the Christian soldiers began to laugh and enjoy the fight.  They put down their guns.  Immediately Tuan's men took the guns and shot the Christians.  Tuan took all the property and money of the Christians, as well as their 1000 rifles.

When they reached, home, the followers of Tuan said:  Here is the guns, money and property.

Tuan said:  Keep it.  We will divide it among us.

^[[tuan's gun is still in Istanbul, and if it is fired it will be the end of the world.]]
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