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^[[encircled 4]]

The bird said:  You go ahead and I will follow behind you.

When they arrived at the sultan's home, the boy left the big bird outside the fence surroung the home of the sultan.  The boy went to his home and said to his mother:  Go to the sultan's house and tell the sultan that Putli-labaijawa is here now.

The mother went to the sultan's house and told him that the lady he requested is waiting at their house.

The sultan said:  Your son will be sultan and I shall be his follower.

The trusted servant of the sultan said:  Do not transfer your title so easily.  If the boy can get the big bird (name) into the palace, then give him your title.

The mother went home and began to cry.  They boy said:  Why are you crying?  She said:  The king was ready to give you his title, but his trusted servant talked him out of it.  If you can get the big bird (name) he will give you the title.

The boy went back to the fence where the bird was waiting.  He said:  the sultan wants to see you.

The bird began to walk toward the sultan's house, and knocked down all the fences around the house.  When he saw the bird coming, the sultan began to shout in fear, and sent the bird home.

The sultan said:  I will transfer my title to this boy.  He is wiser than I.  I shall be his follower.

The trusted servant said:  Do not transer your title so easily.  If the little boy can get Putli-samin, a beautiful lady who lives far away, then you can give him[[strikethrough]] e [[/strikethrough]] your title.  She is an angel.  (Putli is a title meaning princess );

The boy began to worry because he did not know where Putli-samin lived.

If Putli-labaijawa speaks, her lover will be lost, but if she does not speak, the little boy will be slaughtered by the trusted servant of the sultan.  Putli-labaijawa talked to the six other ladies:  Our little friend will be killed by the king's trusted servant if he cannot get Putli-samin.  What do you think we should do?

The six ladies said: It is up to you.  You have magical power which you can use to help the little boy.

She used her magic, and within a few minutes a horse appeared equipped with saddle and bridles.  Even before she finished talking the horse had arrived.  The saddle of the horse was of gold;  it's bridle was of brass;  and the stirrups were of diamonds.

The little boys' eyebrows were shaved andhe was bathed.  Putli-labaijawa told her six companions to lay out clothes for the little boy.  None of the clothes would fit the little boy, so Putli-labaijawa put out the clothes of her lover.  These fit him and as he put them on, the roosters crowed, the dogs barked, and the thunder roared.

P-l said to the boy:  After you mount your horse, it will go seven times into the sky and seven times on the ground.  Then you will reach water which is surrounded by coins.
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