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hid in the rocks.  Prophet Pakil-sabidula ran to God  and said you should ^[[strikethrough]] think [[/strikethrough]] be informed that all the prophets have been killed by Djam.  (Prophet Pakil is a informant of God.)

God said:  I don't know how to handle him.  Djam.  is not at fault since he was attacked by the group.  He is only newly wedded with his wife.

Djam. ran to the open field waving his sword and killing many people.  He chased and stabbed the people to the store.

Kahoi-kahoi minor (certain trees in the afterworld) facing to the east.  These trees bear^[[strikethrough]] s [[/strikethrough]] fruits of young men and young women.

Djambangan ran from one end of the road to another and then stopped at the Parang-apaawa (grass in the afterworld).

Pakil again ran to God to report:  Djam. has killed all the people.

God said:  He (Djam) is Datu Dandankai'ima, and has the right to come to the afterworld and then return to his real world.  Don't worry I will get the life of Djambangan.  I have not seen him for a long time, and I would like to see him, so will bring him here.

(Heaven -- surga;  Hell -- narka;  Afterworld (heaven or hell) -- Umur kiyama (Samel) Ahira -- afterworld (Taosug);  Taosug have same words for heaven and hell.  Djam.-bismala's life was taken by God, and he lay in the Parang-morka (grass in the afterworld). (morka- means 'curse' in Taosug).

A bird said to S.:  Djam is dead and lying in the grass[[strikethrough]] . [[/strikethrough]] ^[[alone.]]  You should go see him.  Even if his body is kept for 7 plus 7 years, he will not be rotten.  Even if his body is kept for many, many years it will not rot.  He is lyaing in the grass unprepared for burial.  This is shameful since he is of royal family.  He was not bathed and his nails were not cleaned.  No person is more beatufiful than Djam.  All of you people should kiss the face of Djam. since he is a datu.

Pakil. kissed the face of Djambangan and then went to God:

S. said to her sister, Jainator:  Djam. is already dead.

J said:  How do you know he is already dead?

S said:  [[strikethrough]] I saw nine barong blades so I know he [[/strikethrough]] My alamat (magic) [[subscript]] horoscope [[/subscript]] has told me that he is dead.  What shall we do?  We are only women and can do nothing.

J. said to S. of the two gold teeth:  Don't you worry about your dead husband.  While you wait for your husband, mark you name in the kayu langa.  We should not separate, for we will attack the enemies of Djam.  You of the two gold teeth, we should not go after the enemy since you are pregnant.

S. said:  I hope I will have a miscarriage so I can revenge the enemy of my husband by fighting them.
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