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S. said to her sister: You should leave me now.

J. said: If I leave, I will be of no use to you. You need me since your husband is dead. Do not go after the enemy. I will be the one because you are pregnant.
J. [[strikethrough]] put on her gold [[/strikethrough]] got her golden dancing finger nails and ran after the enemy. 
She waved her arms and those touched by her nails were killed and sent to the afterwrld.
Those she hit in the neck lost their heads.
(Narrator begins to callJainator Kalimato-asa)
K. then went into the large jungle. Then to the mountain of Tagapa (unidentified).
Then skinny Santa went to the jungle with his dog. He passed by Mt. Ma'arup and carried with him a bolo. He fell asleep near the kayu Taiyobi. At dusk, he began to sing about the songof the bird Mandarapi (a very small bird found in Sulu). 
The bird Mandarapi said to Santa: You should not sleep in such a crowded (with grass and trees) place as this.
Santa was crying in his orange shirt and he was shot by the Japanese.
(above has no relation to rest of story)
At about aisa (last prayer of Muslim day) S. was singing [[underlined]] sangbaiya [[/underlined]] (type of song?)
The words of the song were: KUMARAU KUMARAU.
The bird said: Santa you are always sleeping and you do not love K.
Pakil. tried to shoot K. and that is why she went to hide in the jungle.
At midnight, Datu Santarauwi began to sing about the bird Nuli (a parrot).
The bird Nuli said: Do not sleep so much or you cannot catch your lover. If you sleep you cannot save your lover, and the Christians will kill your lover.
At dawn, the bird/said to Santa: If you are always sleeping you cannot catch your lover. Tihilau (bird of Sulu -- yellow) 
Santa said: Repeat that again.
The bird said: I flew three months to get to this place. If I do not awaken you you cannot catch the bird Sikidjau (a brown small bird of Sulu). I have counted all the birds in the forest and only one is missing.
After hearing this, Santa stood up; His ears pricked up and his eyes became red.
He ran and jumped 1000 meters. He stepped twice and covered 2000 meters. 
S. caught up with K [[strikethrough]] : [[/strikethrough]] and said: The bird spoke the truth (the bird Sangbahaia -- first mention). K. is killing people.
K. is dead with many bullets in her body shot by the Christians. (body torn to shredsby bullets)
S. said: I will challange those who killed my lover, K. If I have enough energy Iam very tired, I will go to fight the Christians. (Yajid -- a word that means outsider, but usually reserved for Christians.)
God is the one who creates people. (unrelated to above)
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