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K. said: If Santa can fight these Christians as I have, then I will love him. S. then ran to the group of Christians with his kris. He swung his kris, and with each swing, many people were killed. His kris cut down the people as if he were cutting grass.

When about half the Christians were dead, Pakail again ran to God: You should stop Santarauwi-Santa. He has killed almost all the people.

Pakil went to Santa and told him he should stop killing the people. Do not kill any more people,he told him.

P. was sent by god to tell S. to kill no more.

The bones (of whom?) were picked up and arranged in their proper fashion. They began to sing funeral logo.

Djam. (the bones were his) because alive again and said: Where is K.? I was in the afterworld, but now I am back in the real world. You, K., are lucky: you might have a husband.

K. said: If my mother, father and older brother leave, I will marry even if there is no dowry. What is the use of money if I have no family?

Djam. said to the hativ and bilar (assistants in the mosque): Do not go home yet. S. will marry K. Since they are already old there should be no celebration of flags. They will be wedded befitting a prophet, since his descent is one half from prophets. The incense was placed in a gold jar and burned for the solemnization of their wedding. Then the hativ and the bilar read the Koran for the solemnization.
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