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KATA KATA  by Kandaan
Recorded at Sitangkai on September 4, 1966

[[underlined]] Kahoi batangan sipat [[/underlined]] (sipat -- to lose consciousness) -- this tree is found in the afterworld.

If we are separated I will wait for you under the four flags.

You should remember this.

God also has a wife.

All you ladies are told to walk to the four corners of the world.

After you have walked to the four corners you will arrive in heaven where you will ride in the swing.

Millions of ladies were swining in heaven.  [[strikethrough]] Some [[/strikethrough]] They were put into shame when someone wanted to put paper in all their vaginas.

The length of our lives is determined by the will of God.

The ladies are still swining through heaven, unstopped.

Many ladies have already been sent to heaven by the will of God;  they are swinging in heaven.

After the ladies have swung, [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] God gives his decision.  He decided that the ladies could not swing anymore, because He is waiting for someone.

He is waiting for the two ladies named Sinaganboahan and Jairatol-alam.

Their home place is Mt. Lintikan.

Pusolan-bisatan (name of a place in the afterworld).

The home place of S. is filled with beautiful decorations;  it is watched by a blue bird whose feathers are ruffled.

The bird was requested by God to watch the place.

Even though the bird may fly away, he always returns to his place atop the house.

The bird also watches the house of J. where there are also many beautiful ladies swinging.

[[strikethrough]] People [[/strikethrough]] God ordered people from all corners of the world to go to the place of the [[strikethrough]] sings [[/strikethrough]] swings.  God is waiting for them.

[[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] S. said the name of the bird is [[underlined]] manuk-manuk sinagboan [[/underlined]] (the bird of S. - lit).

The people from the four corners of the earth left from their homes on Tuesday.

The bird asked Kakajairataira (a woman):  what will we wear if we go to the big celebration?  (the swinging)

The bird said:  Do not wear ^[[an ordinary]] a sarong or sahwal or we will be ashamed.  We should wear a fancy blouse and first class sarong.

S. rode on a horse called Bungbungbaga as she went to the party.

J. rode on a horse called Sabutbahasa (lit.'understands speech').

They were riding to the Mt. Tuhan-Allah, the home place of God.

They are swinging in the afterworld.
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