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a widow again (that is, you will die in defending me).

Jambangan said:  If they are planning to come here we shall not wait but we should go to his home place and fight with him.  I will go now, but I will put a [[strikethrough]] back mar [[/strikethrough]] black marker on my side.  If the black marker is gone, it means that you are already a widow.

His wife said:  Wait for me until I write a letter.  When you arrive there read this.  The letter is from God who was my teacher, and I have been practicing this note.

Jambangan said:  If in case, I die in the fight, do not cry for me but give [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] charity food to the orphans and widows that that I can go to the flag Alhandu (a place in the afterworld).

Then Mohammad Jambangan ran into some prophets waiting in the open field, and he cut their heads off.  All the other prophets ran and hid under the rocks.

Pakil Sabidulla (the assistant of God) said:  The followers of Nabi Isu (another prophet) will all be killed by Jambangan, so what shall we do?

Sabidull did not know what to do to Jambangan.  He was newly married, yet he had killed the prophets.  Then Sabidulla ran and threw the ax at Jambangan; when Jambangan was dying, he read the letter given to him by his wife, and hislife was revived.

Sabidulla went to God and told him:  If you do not preven Jambangan, all the prophets will be killed by him.  Even though he is dead, he has again become a living person.

God said to Sabidulla:  I do not know what to do to Jambangan because that is his fault.  Then Sabidulla ran and brought five nails and threw them into the flesh of Jambangan.  Jambangan was wounded and near death.  So he read the letter of his  wife again and the nails left his body again.

God then said:  Don't worry.  I will take the life from his body so that he will follow his father to the afterworld.  Jambangan's life was then taken by God.  Jambangan lay down dea with his driss lying on his chest.  Then Nurulla was worried about Jambangan.

The ladies said:  Do not worry;  we will go to see God and ask that Jambangan be allowed to live again.

The five ladies went to see God and said:  We have come to ask for the life of Jambangan.  Then when Sinaganbuhan and her sister Kalimatolasia were about ten fathoms away from Jambangan's body, his hands opened.

Kalimatalassa said to her sister:  What shall we do to Jambangan;  shall we [[strikethrough]] P [[/strikethrough]]ut life through his nose.  Jambangan then came alive again.

Then Jambangan sat down and talked to the people.  After a year Jambangan said to Nurulla that he wanted to go home with his wife (he had been living with his wife's family at her place)[[strikethrough]] . [[/strikethrough]] because he remembered his own mother and father.

Nurulla said:  Before Sinaganbuhan was under our care but now its up to you; you can[[strikethrough]] 't [[/strikethrough]] go anywhere if you want too.  Jambangan sent a word to his mother that in five days he would arrive with his wife Sinaganbuhan.  The mother of Mohammad
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