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[[circled]] ^[[7]] [[/circled]]

Jambangan called all her followers to watch for Mohammad Jambanga and his wife S. The salary of the ones who watched for the arrival of the couple was 1.50 pesos a day. All the guards but one wer sleeping: only Halimatalasa stayed awake. She was singing logo. She said that she was the only one who did not sleep. Halimatalasa awakened her mother to look at the stars. She said: In my own mind I think that my brother and his wife are coming. The mother ran to her daughter in law and kissed her.

The mother said: Now you are here with your wife so I will give you all my property. It's for you. It's no use to me, I am already odl.

The mother called her followers to get a golden bed and goden mattress.

After they had been at the home of Jambanga for about a year, the rumor came to hi that the Christian soldiers planned to get his wife. The soldiers were about one thousand. Then the soldiers came with a big kumpit. They were all wearing white caps. There were about one thousand soldiers. Then the soldiers came with a big kumpit with their white caps. The soliders had guitars, and other musical instruments. Jambangan got down from the house and said: [[strikethrough]] to the soldiers [[/strikethrough]] There ar as many soldiers as there are blades of grass. He said to his relatives: We should fight the Christian soldiers; we should not be concerned with this living world, but we should think of the afterworld (i.e. we should not be afraid to die.)

The soldiers then began to fire. The bullets fell like rain upon the houses. The whole world was shaking from the sound of their cannons. Jambangan became lost in the smoke of their guns which fired for three months. All the Muslim people died except Jambangan, Sinaganbuhan and Nurulla. Then Jambangan ran to his wife and kissed her and said: My life will end in this battle.

Nurualla ra [[strikethrough]] i [[/strikethrough]] n also to his wife and kissed her and told her not to worry. He and Jambangan will go to the afterworld.

Jambangan rain to the soldiers with his kriss and stabbed them; following this Nurualla did the same. After three days, Sinaganbuhan shouted into the sky. Jairatol said to S: I can see Jambangan and Nurull by their [[strikethrough]] pis [[/strikethrough]] green pis and now they are almost in the afterworld. This pis is at the edge of the kris and I'm sure they are still fighting with the soldiers. Even in they fight for 1000 years they will not go back on their vow to not retreat from the Christians. (The two men were dead, but still fighting in the afterworld.)

[[underline]]Kahoi batan sipat sinnu doy pa ahirat. [[/underline]] (the place where the two men will meet in he afterworld -- see beginning).

Jairatol said: If we should be separated, we shall meet in the afterworld under the four flags

At the end of three days, Sinaganbuhan shouted into the air: Who will help up [[strikethrough]] ? [[/strikethrough]] We cannot go anywhere in this live world. We are useless. We are only women without men. We should go to the afterworld and leave behind our cowardness.

Kamilatalasa said to S: Please do not fight with the Christians. You are
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