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already pregnant.

Kamilatalasa then got her kris and ran to the group of soldiers.  Many soldiers died from her kris of gold.  After dark she sang a song about a bird.

Sinaganbuha was worried because her husband Jambangan was killed by the Christian soldiers.  Then Sinaganbuhan sang about the bird by the name of [[underlined]] Tihilao [[/underlined]] owned by Santa.  Santa was awakened ^[[by the bird]] and ran toward the house of Kalimatolasa;  three of his steps were equivalent to one thousand steps.

K. said:  You should be ashamed.  Why do you call me your lover?  Soon I will cut you up into many pieces.

If you can defeat the [[underlined]] Angalis [[/underlined]] (English?) soldiers you can marry me.

Santa then ran into the group of Christian soldiers.  He jumpted nine times into the sky and then he stopped at the home place of the Angalis.  He went nines times to the west and nine times to the north and then stopped at the group of soldiers.  He killed them all but one who was named Kumlilla, a woman.  [[strikethrough]] He [[/strikethrough]] Even though he ran fast after the woman ^[[and a man]] still he could not catch [[strikethrough]] her. [[strikethrough]] ^[[them]] because of the power of God.

Santa said:  I cannot overcome the power of God and his assistant Pakil Sabidulla.  

Sabidulla said:  God says that you should stop.  You have killed all the people but one man and one woman.  Soon there will be no more people in the world.  That is enough for now.  Gather the bones of Jambangan and Nurulla, the cousin of Sinaganbuhan.

He gathered all the bones of Jambangan and his parents, relatives, and Nurulla.  He covered them all with soil, and three days later in the afternoon they all came alive. -- except Nurulla.

Then Jambangan ran to his sister-in-law Kalimatalassa and said:  God took good care of you and my wife during our death.  Your faithful (i.e. Santa) is arriving and you will now marry him.

Pakil Sabidulla said:  We should not go home yet.  Santa is coming.  Solemnize them.  We will not invite any people (since it is a second marriage).  We will give them a wedding like a prophet since Santa is of mixed blood and has blood of the prophets.
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