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then [[strikethrough]] they [[/strikethrough]] the five ladies went to God we are going to ask from you the life of Jambargan, then Sinaganbulean with [[strikethrough]] her Kalimator [[/strikethrough]] her sister [[underlined]]Kalimatolana  [[underlined]] when they were about 10 fathom away the hands of Jambargan open. Kalimatolana said to her sister what we do to Jambargan, shall put his life thru his [[nose?]] [[strikethrough]] but the life to go thru his nose [[/strikethrough]] then Jambargan sat down and talk to the people. After a year Jambargan said to Nurulla that he wanted to go home with his wife, (he had been living with his wife's family at her place), he remembered his father and mother. [[left facing angle pencil mark]] Nurlla said, before Sinaganbulean is under our care but now it is up to you, you can go anywhere if you you want too.  Jambargan sent a word to his mother that in five days from now on I'll be there [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] with my wife Sinaganbulean.  The mother of Mohammad [[left facing angle pencil mark]] Jambargan call all her followers to watch for Mohammad Jamgargan and his wife Sinaganbulean. The salary of the one [[strikethrough]] h [[/strikethrough]] who watch for the arrival of the couple [[?]]1.50 a day [[strikethrough]] during on that [[/strikethrough]] all the guards but one were sleeping or [[strikethrough]] did not go to sleep [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] and Kalimatolana (the guard who stayed awake)
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