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she was singing logo, she said that she is the only on that did not sleep. Kalimatolana awakened her mother, to look at stars.  She said: In my own mind that my bother [[strikethrough]] is [[/strikethrough]] and his wife are coming. [[strikethrough]] Then [[/strikethrough]] The mother ran to her daughter in law and [[?]] her, according to the mother, now you are here with your wife, so, I will give you all this [[strikethrough]] place [[/strikethrough]] land (property) its [[strikethrough]] up [[/strikethrough]] for you, its no use to me, I am already old.  The mother call all her followers to get [[?]] gold bed and [[strikethrough]] mat [[/strikethrough]] matress gold. When they are in the home place of Jambargan about a year the [[strikethrough]] remors [[/strikethrough]] rumors come to him, the Christian soldiers plan to get his wife.  The soldiers were about thousand.  Then the soldiers come with a big trumpit with their white caps.  The soldiers [[strikethrough]] they are [[/strikethrough]] had guitars, and some musical instruments.  Jambargan go down [[strikethrough]] from [[/strikethrough]] from the house, he said the soldiers are many as these grasses.. Jambargan said to his relatives that we should fight with the Christian soldiers, we should not think of their [[strikethrough]] wide [[/strikethrough]] away world (we should not be afraid to die)
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