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Then the soldiers started shooting them, the [[strikethrough]]bu[[/strikethrough]] bullets are like rain falling from the sky to their houses. The canons [[sic]] what they call [[underlined]]Lantaka[[/underlined]] (an old type canon), the world [[strikethrough]] was shiaking[[/strikethrough]] shaking. Jambargan [[strikethrough]]lose with[[/strikethrough]] became lost in the smoke of the guns while shot for three months. When the fight [[strikethrough]] lant[[/strikethrough]] was exactly three months re[[?]] all [[strikethrough]] sone some[[/strikethrough]] of the Islami people died, the mly ones left Jambargan, Sinagabuhan and Nurulla. Then Jambargan ran to his wife and kiss her, he said to his wife that my life will end in this battle. Nurulla ran also to his wife and kiss her of, told his wife not to worry. He and Jambargan [[strikethrough]] were [[/strikethrough]] will go to the after world. Jambargan ran to the soldiers with his knife and stabbed them, follow him Nurulla just the pane. after thee[[sic]] days Sinaganbuhan shouted up into the air Jaisatol[[sp?]] paid. to Sinaganbuhan that I can see Jambargan and Nurulla [[strikethrough]] only I know from[[/strikethrough]] by their piu and now the are almost in the after world. This piu is of the [[scribble]] edge of krin, and I'm sure they are still fighting with the soldiers. Luen one thousand years their [[underlined]] promised[[/underlined]] (to not retreat)) will not be foregotten.
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