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As president of NOMA for this short term of one year [[strikethrough]] while [[/strikethrough]] completing the term of office of Past President Paul Devrouax, when I [[strikethrough]] established the job with [[/strikethrough]] accepted [[?]] the portion, one of which I have been reluctant to accept for several reasons, my main goal was to steer [[strikethrough]]ing[[/strikethrough]] NOMA in a direction to formalize  a relationship with organized Black America in the belief that [[strikethrough]] on [[/strikethrough]] only through networking with other Black organizations will the concerns of Black America be addressed.

[[margin]] As Blk Architects some of us have experience a modicum of opportunity to design Don't misunderstand [[/margin]]

Black architects and planners can be involved in a most significant manner in rendering technical assistance to cities with Black stewardship. With our training and knowledge, we have [[strikethrough]] a moral obligation to [[/strikethrough]] an opportunity to share that knowledge, [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] expertise and sensitivity with our Black communities. We, as Black architects & planners [[strikethrough]] must [[/strikethrough]] [[?]] will embrace the concept that 'we are our [[underlined]] brothers' keepers. [[/underlined]] Black America is captive in a prison of poverty from which emancipation is impossible if we do not care to bother about how our brother is doing. If we do not bother no one will. It will be our keen sense of each otherness that will emancipate us. Dr. Joseph Lowery, President of SCLC has stated that we are the moral thermostats of America. We cannot afford to hang around as thermometers. We must take the initiative to make decisions. Thus far, the White House has made a decision and is carrying it out through its budget policy changing how dollars flow in this society. It is obvious that Black Americans are not on the white agenda. Although affirmative action, set-asides, etc. are not on President Reagans agenda, there is no time to sit down and stop. If we do we are dead.
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