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Mon-June 2
at 8 - Hok'eah. Szosie. Riley. Torn [[strikethrough]] [[Keyamasie?]] [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Weakee?]], Hardy [[circled, strikethrough]] Chester & Felix [[/circled, strikethrough]] & Edward See were waiting in the dining room - and Julian Martinez Richard Martinez, Rosmondo Vitil, some came in from San Ildefonso and, with due formality all were at length persuaded to bring in their drawings - then we set about trying to arrive at which should go where. It became clear that everyone  wanted to do a dance or at least a dance figure.  I had a little drawing of Julian's bought two weeks ago at his house, a spirited drawing of a girl running away from a family of skunks - and  my request that Julian  do this caused much laughing  not only then but during the  whole day whereon the subject came up - this around my  suspicion that it was  not a proper subject  but Julian assured me  it would be good on the wall because it is a very old legend. So I don't know. Indians never explain -
Difficult to cause no disappointment - Very well behaved but evident they each coveted good places and a little nervous. I put it up to  them in each case and they responded nobly tho little Albert would not put his [[strikethrough]] [[?]] sand painting in the hall - no he must have it in the dining room & in no small place between windows either - "It took a prize" he [[strikethrough]] at last [[/strikethrough]] confessed - "Then suppose we find a grand place for it later and just now you put anything you like between the windows?" So [[underlined]] he is drawing a beautiful yei[[/underlined]] with nothing to look at - is doing it rapidly & [[underlined]] perfectly [[/underlined]] - this little mousy 15 yrs old boy - [[Romando?]] is perhaps an important man in his village - he is making stiff little requests - "there must be no one in the room when we  ^[[who are from San Ildefenso]] are working - no one who isnt' painting" - "My friend & I we have not enough brushes"  "It must  be quiet so the painting will be better" and again "Those boys over there - are they all going to paint?" "Yes they will have no more time to watch you than you have to watch them." "That Hopi boy can he paint?" "He does beautiful painting." At lunch time "Would you like to have luncheon in the dining room here?" "If they will give me ^[[a]] separate table" but the cook sat them down with the kiddoes - unceremoniously as they did us - and they did not refuse-
It is too bad there is such haste for this work - there is not sufficient time for considering the spacings.
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