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of the South wall.  He does no work--if I send him to the office for a fresh box of charcoal,he gives me one sad look and goes, then returns, to gaze upon the outside wall.  So today I said, "Alright, let's sit down in these two chairs and talk.  Your first drawing is lovely + you can [?] carry it out on the big wall in the hall or save it for some other room and sometime that we may get to decorate.  The saddest look!  When a big room also this is to be decorated, we must think of a scheme for it and carry it out.  We must not think of any one picture, but of the room as a whole.  Now on that side we have the dances and symbols and at either end the fine Navajo paintings, while this side we had thought to give over to the activities of the people.  But you never make paintings or drawings of those subjects, do you.  "Yes I do".  "Then fine!  Try out a panel.  How about a Navajo loom with a woman weaving?"  "I would like to."  So [[crossed out]]another way out [[/crossed out]]Albert happy. And Oqua Pi is lifting the feet of his steed.

Hokeah says he has a good idea for the large space on the [[crossed out]] to Oqua Pi's [[/crossed out]] other side the door-what is that?  A council, with tepees that run up to the ceiling.  That was the very sort of thing I would like-with large figures?  "Yes--and people over there doing things."  Go ahead Hokeah, but you have so much to do.  "A girl wants to work--a girl from the Albuquerque school and she can paint on these designs I am drawing in-she does good work.  I had seen a beautiful girl come in to look about, & talk with Riley-she had replied on being asked that yes she would like to paint, and I had invited her to join us.  She is a [Warmon?] from Laguna and is doing drawings for Chapman at the Anthropological Musuem. H. says can make more money on little drawings than on these big things.  So he thinks he would like help. Julian begins his pretty lady flying before a family of fat skunks. This doing things large is awkward for the ultra facile hand of Julian.  His lampshades are beautiful.  But he will get the large ones.  Richard comes forward offering to place a buffalo & horse on the panel behind the deer & horse.  Ramondo's black flora out across the room, like a trumpet and yet are in a curious way dinky [[insert]] the trumpet is [?] doubt) [[/insert]] I suggest he feather them with gray & he agrees.  Edward Lee is missing-on enquiry of his brother who is painting alone the rainbow "He has gone to [[strikethrough]] Albu [[strikethrough]] Santo Domingo maybe."  "A dance?"  "I think so."  But I have heard E. is in love with a S. D. girl.  He has been dreamy for two days.
Much chanting today and Hokeah performed a dance on a rung of the ladder.
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