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Tues. July 12. the telephone rang this morning and one of the Indian boys was calling "Why don't you come Miss Rush?" "I am all ready to come but Mr May for some reason has not called for me" "We will come for you - we can come every day for you" - So Edward + Miguel cam in Miguel's car. "Why don't you let us come every day for you?" How gratifying it is to know that far from resenting my help + direction, they value it + are glad to see me come. Certainly they always seem cordial.
Two bears finished, they said, and want to know what to do next, but the two ^[[insertion]] Oqwa Pi + Julian [[/insertion]] were hard at work + in no fever for new territory - Julian the famous painter of pots was decorating Romando's pots for him whilst Romando laid in his beautiful women with their large flowing lines; and Oqwa Pi was [[strikethrough]] painting on[[/strikethrough]] painting ^ [[insertion]] abstract [[/insertion]] feathers on Miguel's abstract bird - a bird as large as a man - I was a little surprised for it is Oqwa Pi informed me seriously a week ago that as soon as his panel was completed he must return at once to the Pueblo as he has much work on hand to do. There is every indication they all are eager to stick.
Since Oqwa Pi was staying the logical thing to do seemed for him to take the large Panel No. 2 - as he could so well swing it to balance his deer panel on the other side of the door. also - all the others had been given various subjects. Romando readily agreed to this + seems  pleased. He is to have a smaller panel for the Moccasin maker for whom Julian is to be the model - they love to carry a joke along from day to day - and this is our [[strikethrough]] [[?fortune]][[/strikethrough]] - originated by Louise - So Oqwa Pi [[insertion]] in composition [[/insertion]] suggests he would like to paint Buffalo. Fine [[insertion]] something light that runs up here to balance our other panel-[[/insertion]] and with no more preliminaries [[?]] just that he pushes a table to the wall, mounts it and swings*
"Yes - ^[[insertion]] he said[[/insertion]] more buffalo and getting smaller as they go back". "But be careful about that Oqwa Pi - we are not using much perspective in these walls you see and I wouldn't let them differ too much in size."
* in with charcoal his leader. A few minutes later with eyes [[insertion]] (over)[[/insertion]]shining he called me to see the handsome design he had placed
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