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Wed. Aug . 10 - [[No 2 is circled]] No 2 .  At Picuris [[??]] the governor remarked that the [[strikethrough]] buffalo [[??]] [[/strikethrough]] dance about to begin [[strikethrough]] [[cannot read this ??]] [[/strikethrough]] is the finest [[insertion]] ^ of the [[/insertion]] Buffalo dances.  To our amazement the two Brown Beasts were not the usual mandancers wearing [[strikethrough]] a [[??]] [[/strikethrough]] buffalo heads as [[strikethrough]] [[cannot read this ??]] [[/strikethrough]] - but two huge creatures that were allover brown [[strikethrough]] [[cannot read this ??]] [[/strikethrough]] they wore the whole skin.   [[strikethrough]] They [[/strikethrough]] Each [[strikethrough]] [[cannot read this ??]] [[/strikethrough]] leaned on a stick before huius [[??]] in the manner of deerdancers and mimicked the ations of the stupid buffalo perfectly - Fui [[??]]  [[??]] way they kept time, until a change in the chant gave them excuse and the plunged [[??]] friendly and heavily at any who happenned too near and all this while the Brown [[insertion]] hunter [[??]] ^ [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] danvers [[/strikethrough]] were using a lively step different from any I've seen, forming and reforming around and about the buffalo - 
dressed [[strikethrough]] only [[/strikethrough]] in loin clothes, [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] moccasins, and paint, and generally in felts and neabs [[??]] laces or neckerchiefs.  Those without the neckwear appeared almost nude, those with the neck wear quite perfectly dressed.
Richard, a San Alderforno [[??]] Snaus [[??]] had been married in Peuasco [[??]], to a maidem of Picuris [[??]], and between dances he visited his wife's family.  Richard chants softly as we journey - so softly no one heard him except the one inside living [[??]] and standing eating supper by the river, he moves to the rhythm of a dancer [[??]] - not more than the movement of a star dancing in the flute [[??]] - you [[strikethrough]] [[cannot read this ??]] look again to make sure -  As we ride home "will you be able to do this dance at home?"  Not  quite" - But R. is closer [[??]] at dancing.  Another time + no doubt he can. A white dancer does not get it easily  .  [[strikethrough]] I said to weather [[??]] white [[/strikethrough]] An old man seemingly a hundred years old lead the
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