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January 24, 1983

[[underlined]] SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] Memorial to Miss Hanks [[/underlined]]

A memorial to Nancy Hanks was drafted and approved for presentation, stating in part: 

RESOLVED that the Members of the Board of Regents express their deep regret at the loss suffered by the Institution because of the death of Nancy Hanks on January 7, 1983, recalling her splendid contributions to the arts and the Smithsonian Institution.

[[underlined]] Report of the Executive Committee [[/underlined]]

The Executive Committee discussed the Regents' agenda on January 5, 1983. The Committee was confident in the Secretary's and staff's handling of the review of the gem collections. The Committee also discussed the Institution's declination of the proposed acquisition of the historic house "The Lindens," taking note of shortness of time to develop a coherent program and budget for appropriate uses.

In connection with the Financial Reports the Committee praised the Secretary and his staff, particularly Assistant Secretary Jameson and Budget Officer Yellin, for successfully representing the Smithsonian's needs, and noted additionally the excellent record of return on the investments.  Mr. Hohenlohe observed that openings of new banking accounts should be minimized with increasing use of sub-accounts of current bank accounts.

The Secretary reviewed progress in Quadrangle planning, site clearance, and contracting. The Committee recommended the Regents authorize the Secretary to sign a construction contract with the present budget. Summarizing fund-raising activities, the Secretary mentioned regional appearances, foreign appeals, a direct-mail appeal to the Associates, and end-of-year gifts to the Quadrangle and other Smithsonian purposes. The Committee asked the Secretary to report to the Regents on matters of giving for the full range of Smithsonian projects.

The Committee noted with interest the Institution's long-held plans for acquiring the International Trade Commission Building adjacent to the National Museum of American Art and Portrait Gallery, should the building be vacated. The Committee also suggested that the Secretary bring up to date the most recent study on underground Mall parking.