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[[underlined]] Smithsonian Tropical Research Intitute [[/underlined]]

The Act of July 2, 1940 (54 Stat. 724) set aside for research and conservation the Barro Colorado Island in the Panama Canal Zone and, as amended, authorized the appropriation of up to $750,000 for necessary administrative and maintenance expenses. The more intensive use of the Island for science under agreements relating to the 1979 Panama Canal Treaty, the pressures of inflation, and the need for improvements make the existing spending limit unrealistic. By abolishing this separate spending limit, an historical anomaly, flexibility would be available for the administration of the most significant tropical forest under U.S. custodianship. Accordingly, it was

VOTED that the Board of Regents requests its Congressional members to introduce and support legislation providing for the elimination of a separate spending limit on the Barro Colorado Island facility with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

[[underlined]] Proposed Award of the Langley Medal [[/underlined]]

Between September 1 and September 30, 1982, H. Ross Perot, Jr., and Jay Coburn flew their Bell Longranger helicopter around the world in a technical, logistic, and piloting achievement equivalent to the first flight around the world by an aircraft in 1924. The Langley Medal, named in honor of the third Secretary of the Smithsonian, is given "to encourage aviation" by recognizing contributions to aeronautics and astronautics both through original research and significant accomplishments. It was

VOTED that the Board of Regents awards the Langley Medal to H. Ross Perot, Jr. and Jay Coburn in recognition of the aeronautical significance of their record-breaking circumnavigation of the world in a helicopter, September 1 to 30, 1982.

[[underlined]] Discussion of Mall Parking and Report on Space Needs and Plans [[/underlined]]

The Regents agreed with the Executive Committee's suggestion that the staff should update the figures and findings of the June 30, 1980 Deleuw, Cather study, "Special Studies of Visitation, Transportation and Parking for the Museums on the Mall." A revised study should include current financial data and an assessment of the garages as a self-liquidating project; an analysis of the use of the National Air and Space Museum garage; and other considerations such as future growth in visitation, impact of completed subway system, and other changes to the earlier study. Only minimal contractual assistance should be needed for this update.

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