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A comprehensive review of space allocations has been occasioned by the prospective move to the Museum Support Center and into the Quadrangle facilities, as well as the escalating costs of leasing office space at L'Enfant Plaza and industrial/storage space on North Capitol Street. Objectives of the review are to make the most appropriate use of Institution space (owned or under construction), to improve functional relationships among units, and to return space to public use. In a general exploration of opportunities, the Institution has reaffirmed interest in the International Trade Commission Building adjacent to the National Museum of American Art and Portrait Gallery, should it become excess property. Interest has also been expressed in the eight acres of government-owned land near Fort McNair, a site suitable for construction of a facility for technical support activities now at North Capitol Street and in Mall buildings.

[[underlined]]National Portrait Gallery Commission [[/underlined]]

By statute, appointments to the Commission are made by resolution of the Regents. On the recommendation of the Commission, it was

VOTED that the BOard of Regents appoints the Honorable Edwin Jacob Garn to the Commission of the National Portrait Gallery to fill the five years remaining in the unexpired term of the Honorable Barry Goldwater and to serve as Chairman, and that the Board appoints Mr. Robert O. Anderson for a full six-year term.

[[underlined]] National Museum of American Art Commission [[/underlined]]

The Commission recommended an amendment to their Bylaws to ensure more frequent rotation of membership by limiting service to no more than two consecutive four-year terms without at least a one-year hiatus before being eligible for a third and final term. It was

VOTED that the Board of Regents approves the amendment to the Bylaws of the National Museum of American Art Commission as submitted.

To ensure rotation among its current membership and provide that no current member would serve for a period of less than five or more than eight years, the Commission proposed new expiration dates for its members. It was 

VOTED that the Board of Regents reappoints each of the current members of the Commission of the National Museum of American Art for terms which shall expire as of the date set forth below.
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