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maintenanse are use up by the Indian Agents so that they can maintain officers and have help to Look after their affairs, I shall ansew No. for the Indian in re we are not satisfied with the present conditions we are Liveing in a new era and I find that the only way to recd the benifits that the Indians want is to form into an organize union of confederacy the as powatan of old. so that we can help the others in carrying out each others Greverances
Where we are united we have from several Sources we have power [[?]] polictly and we have power financely each tribe [[?]] will have access to the fun appropriated through the Executive Counsel for his particular cause, in order to create this fund I Recomend that each Adult pay into the treasure 100/ per captia in advance over 16 yrs of age the money being paid over to a treasure who is a member of the counsil and can give satifactory bond for the amt comes in his possession this being true it ought to create a fun satisfactory to execute the wants of each tribe enterested Second that you will nominate + Elect an official Board of Directors which will compose of members of the boar from each organize Band or tribe and out of these officials elect and Executive Counsel [[insert]] Vice Counsel [[/insert]] Recording Sec. corresponding Sec. treasure and Assnt treasurer-
And the Remaining officers their position as counsellers
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