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Museum and Dental Institute Fund. Dr. Evans died in 1897, and his will stated that in the event his collection was not placed and kept in The Thomas W. Evans Museum and Dental Institute at Philadelphia, "for any reason whatsoever, I desire the same to be placed and kept in the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, D. C., United States of America." On March 3, 1983, a preliminary court hearing on the petition was held, at which the Smithsonian was represented by an Assistant U. S. Attorney from the Philadelphia office and by the Smithsonian General Counsel. The court encouraged the University to come to some amicable agreement with the Smithsonian about the disposition of the collection, and negotiations have been proceeding to that end. It is hoped that an agreement may be reached prior to the formal hearing on the petition that is scheduled for May 1983. 

[[underlined]] MAJOR ADMINISTRATIVE CASES [[/underlined]]

1. [[underlined]] Appeal of Libra Engineering, Inc. [[/underlined]] 

This claim is an appeal by Libra Engineering, Inc., of the decision of the Smithsonian contracting officer on August 10, 1981, to terminate for default its contract for the renovation of the HVAC system of the Freer Gallery of Art for failure of the contractor to make suitable progress on the job. Since the Smithsonian does not have its own Board of Contract Appeals to hear such cases, authority to decide this matter was delegated to the NASA Board of Contract Appeals in February 1982. Libra seeks to have the termination for default converted into a termination for the convenience of the Smithsonian, including a remission of the $70,000 excess cost of reprocuring the work from another contractor and an assessment against the Smithsonian of Libra's costs incurred in the termination of the work, which is anticipated to be over $50,000. Libra also seeks $50,000 for miscellaneous claim items. The matter was set for hearing in March 1983, but was postponed because of pretrial motions. It is anticipated that it will be rescheduled for late fall 1983.
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