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to $290,697,000 in FY 1984, and not operating income after deduction of auxiliary and bureau activity expenses, of $211,027,000, compared to $195,931,000 in FY 1984. Federal appropriations, as in the past, are the primary component of this increase with a smaller portion resulting from increased gain in the revenue producing activities. A decline in income from gifts, grants, and contracts is expected to offset some of this projected growth.

--[[underlined]]Federal Appropriations:[[/underlined]] The Institution's Federal request for FY 1985 totals $207,003,000. The following table summarizes the proposal budget by appropriation account compared with the FY 1984 Congressional request:

[[table, 3 columns]]

($1,000's) | [[underlined]] FY 1984 Congressional Request | FY 1985 OMB Request [[/underlined]]
Salaries and Expenses | $154,354 | $171,748
-National Zoological Park | 3,500 | 4,250
-Restoration & Renovation of Bldgs. | 9,000 | 16,755
-General Post Office Building | - | 3,500
Special Foreign Currency Program | [[underlined]]9,040 | 10,750[[/underlined]]
--- | $175,894 | $207,003 [[/table]]

An amount of $171,748,000 is proposed in the Salaries and Expenses account, an increase of $17.4 million over FY 1984.  Of the requested increase, $3.3 million is required for inflation in salaries and other costs, $4.5 million for operating and equipping the Museum Support Center, and $1.1 million for exhibition planning, conservation, and program development related to the new Quadrangle facility.  Additional funds are also included for collections management ($1 million) with an emphasis on conservation; research and support, including equipment replacement ($2.4 million); facilities management and
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