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Dr. J. E. Nagle, St. Augustine, Fla, Mrs. Fannie Malone, Texas; G. M. Rhees, Mt. Pleasant, D.C.; F. Stephens, San Bernardino, Cal.; Mable and Margaret Johnson, South Carolina; Anton Schott, Akarichee Lake, Wis.; Lt. W. M. Wood, U.S.N., South America; Thomas Flynn, Arizona; and a new species of snakde ([[underlined]] Tropidonotus bisectus [[/underlined]] cope.) from the Central Station, U.S.F.C., Washington, D.C., through J. E. Brown.

[[strikethrough]] III. " [[/strikethrough]] Statement of character of routine work in arrangement and classification of the collection, and in the preparation of the exhibition and study series. [[strikethrough]] " [[/strikethrough]]

The routine work of the Reptile Department, consists in entering in the record books all specimens on their arrival; [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] in identify ^ ing and label ^ ing them, when possible, and [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] in placing them in the series to which they belong. [[strikethrough]] The correct procedure is also promptly [[/strikethrough]]