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[[underlined]] Quadrangle [[/underlined]]

Improved weather and site conditions permitted the earlier estimated schedule lag of 50 days to be revised downward to approximately 30 days by early April. A ten- to fifteen-day schedule lag is projected by the end of May and no additional delays are anticipated.

As of March 30, 1984 the Institution has received commitments towards the construction of the Quadrangle as represented in the following table:

[[4 column table]]
[[headings are underlined]]

[[source of funds]] | Funds In Hand | Pledges and Commitments | Totals
Foreign Governments | $2,050 | $5,000 | $7,050
Foreign Organizations | 1,035 | 100 | 1,135
U.S. Corporations | 838 | 534 | 1,372
Individuals and Foundations | 4,604 | 6,399 | 11,003
Associates Contributions | 1,444 | - | 1,444
Smithsonian Unrestricted Funds | 9,575 | 80 | 9,655
Earned Interest | 3,754 | - | 3,754
Sale of Capitol Hill Property | [[underlined]] - | 2,000 | 2,000 [[/underlined]]
Total $23,300 | $14,113 | $37,413

The prospects are excellent for soon meeting or exceeding the original goal of raising $37.5 million in non-appropriated funds. While the fund-raising campaign directed by Brakeley, John Price Jones could be considered completed, the Quadrangle Committee of the National Board of Smithsonian Associates has resolved to continue seeking construction funds through June 30, 1984, hoping that money raised over the original goal can replace a commensurate amount of Smithsonian trust funds currently allocated to the Quadrangle for construction purposes. To date, responses by U.S. corporations to appeals on the Quadrangle have been disappointing -- totaling only 1.4 million. Major fund-raising efforts will be concentrated on the solicitation of U.S. corporations, banks and financial institutions with business interests in Quadrangle countries. In addition to corporate solicitations selected individuals, foreign governments, and foundations will be approached for their financial support.

[[underlined]] Report of the National Board of Smithsonian Associates [[/underlined]]

The Order of James Smithson was established by the Board of Regents in 1983 to recognize contributions or service to the Smithsonian Institution so extraordinary as to surpass even those for which the Founder Medal of the James Smithson Society is awarded. Like the Founder Metal, the Order bears life membership in the James Smithson Society.

On September 24, 1983 the National Board of Smithsonian Associates unanimously recommended that two distinguished benefactors of the Institution, Dr. Arthur M. Sackler and Mrs. Enid A. Haupt, be the first inductees into the Order. Dr. Sackler is proposed for induction in view of
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