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[[stamp]] FRIENDS 
OFFICE. 501 CHERRY STREET. [[/stamp]]

7 m. 26th 1867.

Rev. John Kimball
Supt. Public Education
Washington, D.C.

On the 31st of Fifth Month last, at the recommendation of a Friend we sent a box of books, as per list inclosed, marked Dr. Peyter, Washington, D.C. mailing at the same time a letter advising him of the shipment and requesting an acknowledgment - This letter has just been returned to us from the Dead-letter Office and, fearing that the box never reached its destination, we request thy attention to the matter.

We were told that this Dr. Peyter and his wife had

Transcription Notes:
Some writers put the month # instead of the month's name, as in this instance (month 7 = July).