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[[5 column table]]

6499|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|G6/24-10-04|3-0
6500|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|G6/24-10-04|3-0
6501|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|G6/24-10-04|3-0
6502|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|G6/24-10-04|3-0
6503|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|G6/24-10-04|3-0
6504|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|G6/24-10-04|3-0
6505|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|G6/24-10-04|2-6
6506|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|G6/24-10-04|2-6
6507|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|G6/24-10-04|2-6
6508|G/S|S. America Burnisher. Caracus.|   |2-6
6509|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|   |2-6
6510|G/S|S. America Axe-head. Caracus.|   |2-6
6511|G/-|S. America Burnisher. Caracus.|   |2-6
6512|G/-|S. America Object yellow stone. 1 3/4 x 1 Caracus.|   |2-6
6513|-/N|S. Clay Cylinder. Caracus C/20|H28/2-1-14|[[written over original]]3-6[[/written over original]]
6514|GS/-|Nepal Kora. v. fine type. Engraved & inlaid. C. C/20|D11/28-3-15|[[written over original]]2-5-0[[/written over original]]
6515|A/-|England F. L Blunderbuss. b.b. [[circled]]C/20[[/circled]]|G5/9-1-06|1-9-0
6516|A/-|England Rapier C|W23/22-5-11|[[written over original]]10-0[[/written over original]]
6517|A/-|England Rapier C|W23/22-5-11|[[written over original]]15-0[[/written over original]]
6518|A/-|England Officer's Sabre. Georgian. ivory hilt. [[written over original]]C[[/written over original]]|R6/13-5-11|[[written over original]]7-0[[/written over original]]
6519|A/-|England Hunting Sword. ivory hilt. C/20|Say 18/6|1-5-0
6520|N//M|Japan Bow.|J12/3-3-13|[[written over original]]15-0[[/written over original]]
6521|-/C|Gaboon Spear [[circled]]C/20[[/circled]]|S4/19-11-07|1-6
6522|-/C|Gaboon Spear [[circled]]C/20[[/circled]]|S4/19-11-07|1-6
6523|-/C|Gaboon Spear [[circled]]C/20[[/circled]]|S4/19-11-07|3-0
6524|-/C|Soudan Spear C20|   |2-0
6525|-/C|Soudan Spear|S22/2-3-08|2-0
6526|Y/S|S. America Stone Pestle. Caracas|G6/24-10-04|5-0
6527|Y/S|S. America Stone Celt. Guaicas|G6/24-10-04|5-0
6528|G/-/-|Turkey Knife. silver sheath. [[circled]]C/20[[/circled]]|[[written over original]]S4/14-12-06|[[/written over original]]|1-1-0
6529|GS/-|Caucasia Knife. silver sheath. [[circled]]C/20[[/circled]]|L2/7-5-07|1-7-6
6530|S/-|Scotland Dirk. horn hilt. silver mts.|G8/17-10-04|9-7 
6531|A/-|Solomon Waist Belt.|S4/5-11-07|10-0
6532|A/-|Solomon Waist Belt.|C11/17-10-05|12-6
6533|T/S|E. Africa Shield. [[drawing]] Bambara C|C11/23-4-08|1-0-0
6534|T/S|Solomon Club. [[drawing]] C|C11/15-5-09|[[written over original]]1-18-0[[/written over original]]
6535|GA/-|Fiji Club, carved all over.|C11/24-11-04|2-2-0
6536|GX/-|Samoa Club, carved all over.|C11/24-11-04|1-15-0
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