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Rio Negro.
Euphorbia... normal: upright: sand hills
" [[ditto for Euphorbia]].... prostrate like maculata.
Plantago.....[[symbol for circle]]: lin leave: spikes wooly, sand hills
" [[ditto for Plantago]].....[[symbol for circle]]: lin leave: sand hills.
" [[ditto for Plantago]]..... leave. lanceo.
" [[ditto for Plantago]]..... large sp: lanceo leav: marshes
" [[ditto for Plantago]]..... resembling maritinia. salt mars
Sueda .... resembling S. prostrata.
Chinopodium.... procumbent: small dissected (leave
Atriplex..... procumbent. hoary small leaved
" [[ditto for Atriplex]]..... upright. hoary involucre [[inserted]] (entire [[/inserted]]
Chenopd --- resembling Atriplex. branching: leafy -involucre: perpend Bluff.
" [[ditto for Chenopd]] .... 5 gyn. seed single: cal 5 phyll shrub succul. lin leave flos axll
Salicornia ... peren. stem upright and woody
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Rio Negro
Polygonium aviculare? --- probably [[underlined]]introduced[[/underlined]]
Rumax ---- borders of marsh
Salix--- leaves linear serrated like arkans
Ephedra ---- sand hills.
Habranthus ---- 3 flo'd. large - sand-hills
" [[ditto for Habranthus]] ---- 1 flo'd red and yellow campos
Juncus ---- like maritinius; [[deleted]]articulated[[/deleted]][[inserted]]salt marshes[[/inserted]]
" [[ditto for Juncus]] ----- like acuminate [[inserted]]articulated[[/inserted]] river banks.
Ornithogalum?--- river banks: flos white
Sisyrhinchium --- river banks.
Arethusoid ---- sand hills.
Tryglochin ----- marshes.
Carex ----- salt marshes.
" [[ditto for Carex]] -------- perhaps a 2' species
Scirpus ----- like triquetra: marshes.
" [[ditto for Scirpus]]------ like lacustris: marshes.
Is[[deleted]]c[[/deleted]]olepis---- small. lateral spike muddy -shores of riv.
Setaria -- [[deleted]] perhaps introduced[[/deleted]]. campos
Megastachya --- perhaps introduced
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