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a variety of programs affecting fellowship, research and scholarship, education, conferences, symposia, and lecture activities.

Equipping the Museum Support Center continues to be a priority of the Institution. To this end the Institution's fiscal year 1987 request contains about $5.5 million for equipment and related moving costs. In the ensuing years, requirements will fluctuate somewhat from this figure because of variations in the expected timing of orders and contracts. Museum Support Center equipment requirements, however, are incorporated over the period and are estimated at approximately $1 million in fiscal year 1991 and annually thereafter for several years.

[[underlined]] Trust Funds [[/underlined]]

Trust fund figures for fiscal year 1987 are those that were presented to the Regents in January. These are being revised somewhat for the Regents' meeting on May 5 to reflect items such as more up-to-date phasing of the expensing of the Vever purchase and adjustment of sales figures as a result of higher NASM theatre ticket prices. The revisions do not affect in a substantial fashion overall projections for the period 1988-91. Gross Institutional revenues over the period are still expected to reach $220 million to $230 million, with the principal difference in the projections since the September [[underlined]] Prospectus [[/underlined]] associated with the incorporation fo expectations about the Air and Space Magazine. Net unrestricted funds available for program support after deduction of auxiliary and bureau activity expenses are projected to continue to increase over fiscal year 1987 levels of $28 million to about $37 million. This income will continue to be used to support a wide variety of operating activities such as the Collection Acquisition. Scholarly
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