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Master Theatre Quiz
Tony® Revivals
[[image: a circle that looks like a coin, featuring the ancient masks of comedy and tragedy. The words "Antoinette Perry Award" or written in a circle around the picture.]] 

This past season, a host of revivals opened on Broadway to much acclaim. Some of these productions include The Sound of Music, The Diary of Anne Frank, 1776, A View from the Bridge and Cabaret. Pictured below are nine Tony-winning revivals from the past decade. To help you identify them, we have scattered numbered clues throughout this issue of PLAYBILL. So test your theater knowledge, and then see page 66 four how to enter the annual PLAYBILL Master Theatre Quiz and win a lifetime of theatre-going. Be sure to watch the Tony awards telecast on Sunday, June 7 (PBS, 8 P.M. then CBS, 9 P. M.).

[[images – Three vertical rows of three photos each, numbered from 1 to 9.

1 – a woman with long hair who might be dressed as a Renaissance barmaid looks to the right, while possibly holding a tambourine. Attribution – Joan Marcus

2 – a man, white and bearded, wearing blue trousers and a black shirt, has thrown and African-American woman wearing a white shirt and gray skirt over his shoulder, à la "The Taming of the Shrew". Attribution – Joan Marcus/Marc Bryan-Brown

3 – young woman in a long flowing hair and black clothing sits listening to a man, shirtless and wearing bib overalls describe something as they both look into the middle distance. Attribution – Carol Rosegg

4 – Flanked by dancers in black, a woman wearing fishnet stockings and a sleeveless black teddy appears to be singing, holding her arms thrown out above her head. I think it might be "Chicago". Attribution – Dan Chevkin

5 – it looks like "The King and I" – white woman in pouffy hoop skirt faces and looks directly into the eyes of a younger man who might be Asian, wearing a very ornate, kingly robe. Attribution – Joan Marcus

6 – a gray-haired man wearing a black suit jacket and a collared shirt in the foreground, a bit out of focus behind him, an older white-haired woman sits upright on a couch, while a much younger woman appears to be sitting on the back of the couch with her legs to the right; a stair railing and banisters can be seen in the darkness behind them. Attribution – Joan Marcus

7 – an older, balding man in black vest and trousers with a white shirt is showing something to a younger man, also wearing a vest and white shirt,  who is on a much lower level, talking on the phone. Attribution – Joan Marcus

8 – a young woman in curly black hair and a long fall of hair on her left front, wearing a Merry Widow trimmed with lace and a wrap off the right shoulder and over the arm. Her hands clasped together, thumbs up fingers steepled. Attribution – Catherine Ashmore

9 – on the left, a young woman with severely pulled back brown hair, wearing a dress that could be mid-eighteen hundreds USA, face-to-face with a slightly older man in a long, black jacket which has the cuffs of a white shirt sticking out of the sleeves of the jacket. His left hand he has laid gently on her shoulder, while his right hand very tenderly touches her chin and neck. Attribution – T. Charles Erickson]]

The Antoinette Perry Tony® award for distinguished achievement in the theater is a registered service mark owned by the American Theater Wing. by Andrew Gans

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