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PARTNERS ($2,500+)

[[column 1]]
State Senator Catherine M. Abate
American Theatre Wing
The Vincent Astor Foundation
Dr. Robert L. Bard
John and Penelope Biggs
Paul W. Brandow
Karen McKeel Calby and Douglas H. Calby
Albert P. Caruso
CBS, Inc.
Sam and Beth Chapin
The John-Vincent Peter Copani
 Memorial Foundation for the Arts
Gary K. Duberstein
Basil and Georgina Dzubak
Robert and Cheryl Fishko
Edward Forstein
Leah and Ed Frankel
Nancy and Sidney Freedman
The Howard Gilman Foundation
Sam and Sandra Hagler
Diana and Larry Henriques
John A. High
Irwin I. Horowitz
Bill Huxley
Renee and Edgar Jackson
[[/column 1]]

[[/column 2]]
Miles and Judy Josephson
Robert and Nancy Keller
David E. Kelly Productions
Nanette L. Laitman
Jeff Landsman
Norma S. Langworthy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lyons
Muriel L. Macnab
Jack Makoujy
Kevin and Nancy McCabe
Martin J. McLaughlin
Douglas J. Mello
Peter and Elsbeth Moller
Nappi/Eliran/Murphy, Ltd.
Barbara and John Nelson
Edward and Barbara Netter
Alan M. Novich, D.D.S., J.D.
Kathleen and Thomas B. O'Grady
Randolph and Judith Pace
Perri and Mitzi Pazer
Dr. Harold Perlmutter and Carol Gray
Eileen Ryan Pettus
Regine Plummer
Jo-Ann Ford and Robert S. Roath
Florence and Robert A. Rosen
[[/column 2]]

[[column 3]]
Daryl Roth
Toby and Michael Rozen
Nathan and Nancy Sambul
Allison and Andrew Saxe
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Schreiber, Jr.
Ruth and Julian Schroeder
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Sculco
Rabbi Barton and Jane Shallat
Martha E. Sherman
Andrew Eli Sheskin
Barbara Slifka
Violeta Smadbeck
Rebecca A. Sullivan
 and Stephen R. Greenwald
Yolanda R. Turocy and
 Robert M. Taub
Arthur and Hilda Wenig
Mildred Wiesenfeld
Mr. Francis H. Williams
Patricia S. Wolpert
Valerie and Thomas Wood
Robert F. Works
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zoch III
Franny and Dick Zorn
Anonymous (1)
[[/column 3]]


[[column 1]]
Andrea and Seth Abramson
Frank Adamucci
Katherine and Howard Aibel
Antoinette and Nicolina Astorina
Martin Atkin
Donald and Barbara Bady
Earl and Dolores Bailey
Simone Bedient
Dr. Bernard Belasco
Susan Martin and Alan Belzer
Barbara Benezet and Gilbert Hahn
Helene Berger
Ms. Ilene Berger
Sarah and Michael Bernkopf
Ann L. Bernstein
Anne L. Bernstein
Mr. Jed W. Bernstein
Robert S. Birch
Richard B. Black
Anita and Sidney Blank
Jerry and Patti Bock
Jeremiah M. Bogert
Beverly Bond
Murray Bring and Kay Delaney Bring
Edward and Cynthia Brodsky
Nikki and David Brown
Anna Burak
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart D. Byron
Douglass Campbell
Patricia Holland Cembalest
Mr. Allan Chasanoff
 and Mrs. Michael J. Chasanoff
Walter and Ursula Cliff
Edward and Arlene Cohen
Arlene and Larry Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Noel L. Cohen
John J. Colantuono
Isabel E. Collins
Mary Sharp Cronson
Robert de Rothschild
[[/column 1]]

[[column 2]]
Lorenzo DeLuca
William and Donna DeSeta
Christine and Richard Doll
Diane Donnelly
Drama Bookshop, Inc.
William A. Dreher
Ed and Terry Duffy
Sharon Fass
Susan and Mel Fastow
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fleischer, Jr.
Edward Forstein
The William Fox, Jr. Foundation,
 In Memory of William Fox
Rose Marie T. Fox
Barbara A. Gallay
Agnes and Emilio P. Gautier
Wilma and Arthur Gelfand
Lesley C. Gerould
Myrna and Bob Getz
Ernest and Harriet Gay Ginsberg
Drs. Robert and Marianne Goldberger
Beverly and Herbert Goldfarb
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Gould, Jr.
Henry and Mary Rodgers Guettel
Arthur T. Hadley
Todd and Alison Haimes
Joel B. Harris
Andrew and Irma Hilton
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hirsch
Pamela J. Hoiles
Lola and Edwin Jaffe
Brigitte R. Jossem
Lawrence Kaplen
Beverly Karp Foundation
Barbara Adler Katzander
Barbara Ann Klein/The Thousand
 Cranes Foundation
Kobrand Corporation
Bruce Kovner
Sheila and Bill Lambert
[[/column 2]]

[[column 3]]
Eugene M. Lang Foundation
Eric and Lee Langbaum
Grace Langberg
LaSalle Partners
Leon Levy and Shelby White
David and Sylvia Lichtenger
Mr. and Mrs. Normal Liebman
Kenneth & Evelyn Lipper Foundation
Judith Anne and Michael Lipstein
Michael Littler
Lowe McAdams Healthcare
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lyons
Micheline and John MacGregor
Marybeth Mahoney
Richard H. M. Maidman and
 Gail Lowe Haymes
Barbara A. Marhan
Pamela Dubose McIver
Roberta Jacobs-Meadway and
 Jay K. Meadway
Edith Meiser Foundation
Joyce and Robert Menschel
Ellen L. Miller
George and Carolyn Mittl
John and Felcia Muccini
New York Magazine
Leonard and Randi Newman
Anthony Nigri
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Osborne
Everett and Geneva Parker
Arnold Penner and Madeline Berley
Pamela Rankin-Smith
Timothy and Joyce Ratner

Michael A. Recanati and Ira J. Statfeld
Ira M. Resnick Foundation, Inc.
Donald and Genie Rice
Arthur Richenthal and Joan Easton
Edwin and Dorothy Roer
Daniel and Joanna S. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Rosen
[[/column 3]]

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[[column 1]]
Henry and Sheila Rosenberg
Richard and Barbara Rosenberg
Joseph B. Rubin
Edith and Bill Rudolf
Mr. & Mrs. P.K. Sabatacakis
David and Barbara Salz
Judy and Dirk Salz
Karen and Charles Schader
Nanette Scofield
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Scott
Sally Sears
Nancy C. Sellar
Robert N. Sellar
Harold and Myra Shapiro
Beth Kobliner Shaw and David E. Shaw
Diane and Michael Silberstein
Gerald E. Silveria
Elaine and James F. Slabe
Barbara Slifka
[[/column 1]

[[column 2]]
Vincent M. Smith and Alice Silkworth
Leon and Marilyn Sokol
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Solomon
Bill and Rosalie Spaniel
Gene Wolsk and Laura Stein
Linda and Alan Stocknoff
Judith Stoikov
Linda Stromberg
Pamela and Allen B. Swerdlick
Jeffrey Tabak
Donna G. Takeda
Mark C. Taylor
Susan Teeman
David & Barbara Thomas
Dick Ticktin and Fram Kumin
Harriett and Neale Trangucci
Peter J.R. Trapp
Diane and Tom Tuft
[[/column 2]]

[[column 3]]
Beth Uffner
Drs. Benjamin and Eugenia Wainfeld
Martin B. Wasser
Ms. M. Terri Poli and Mr. J. Craig Weakley
Johanna Weber
Joan Weberman
Reny Weigert
Jack and Diana Weiner
Diane H. Welsh and Thomas D. Balliett
Janice and Emery Westfall
Robert and Susan Wilder
Margo Wintersteen
Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam and Roberts
Bernic Wollman and Warren Rubin
Edith and Allen Wolpert
Lisa Woods
Eva Young
Anonymous (2)
[[/column 3]]

SPONSORS ($650+)

[[column 1]]
Sue M. Aitkin
Thomas and Martha Armstrong
Klara Barna
Bob and Bobbie Berkeley
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Bingham
Raymond Bly
Linda and Walter Censor
Arthur and Linda Charpentier
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Beverly Chell
Carol and Wallace Chinitz
Mr. and Mrs. H. Weston Clarke, Jr.
Nancy B. Cohn
John F. Connor
Gene and Delores Cooper
Peter S. Croncota
Anna E. Crouse
Catherine G. Curran
Mrs. Wilbur Daniels
Albert and Kathy Diamant
Mary J. Donohue
Janet and Cory Dunham
Irene Eisenberg
Gladys'Marie Anna Erb
Austin and Shirley Ettinger
In Honor of Gene Feist,
  Founding Director
Mary Allison Friel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Furlong
Jay and Gail Furman
Paul Garfinkle
Bruce and Alice Geismar
Peter Gleysteen
Edward and Cheryl Gordon
Oscar and Gunilla Haac
Max Hahn
[[/column 1]]

[[column 2]]
V. Hansmann
Kevin and Joan Harr
Hilary L. Hinchmin
David Holbrook
Jane and Joseph Kasov
Nadine Kasuga
Susan Keith and James Kiberd
John and Patrice Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Kessel
Deanna and Rudy Langer
Jerome and Natalie Levy
Mr. and Mrs. William Jay Lippman
Vera List
Richard and Stacey Marquit
Materials for the Arts, NYC Department of
  Cultural Affairs/NYC Department of 
Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Mattern
John Melin
Cheri H. Melone
Mr. and Mrs. W. Peter Metz
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Miles
Nancy A. Niemann
Fred and Gilda Nobel
Jennifer Pariser and Stuart Katz
Kathi and Richard Pober
Reader's Digest
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Root
David W. Rose
Deborah Rosiello and Andra Mizrahi
Nancy H. Rubin
Robert E. and Judith O. Rubin Foundation
Tamar E. Rudich
Patricia M. Ryan and Richard C. Hardin
[[/column 2]]

[[column 3]]
Hershel and Susan Sarbin
Ann and Tom Scheuer
Myles Schnitman
Louise and David Schraa
Schroder Company, Inc.
Martin and Edith Segal
Sequoia Grove California Wines
David W. Shaffer
Saul Sharison
Aroon Shivdasani
Michael J. Sienko
Jack and Shirley Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Skodnek
Annaliese Soros
Jeffrey Sosnick
Eryk Spektor
Jules & Doris Stein Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stein
Jane and Anthony Stepanski
O. Jay Stone
Patrick Tavernia
George and Elizabeth Telonis
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Titterton
Myra Leigh Tobin
Michael R. Tuohy
Ruth Turner
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Vogt
Barry C. Waldorf
Betty and Lou Weinberg
Barry and Fran Weissler
Gerald Zeller and Shirah Kober Zeller
Anonymous (2)
[[/column 3]]

Roundabout Theatre Company productions are made possible, in part, with public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

We also wish to thank the thousands of contributors in our Donor, Associate and Member categories of support who, regretfully, cannot be listed due to space limitations.  The Roundabout Theatre Company relies on contributions because ticket revenue covers only a portion of our annual operating expenses.  Supporters receive many special privileges including invitations to playreadings, opening night parties, VIP ticket assistance and more.

For further information, please call Julia C. Levy, Director of Development/Public Affairs, at (212)719-9393.  Please note: many corporations match employee contributions.  Please check with your employer or corporate contributions program officer.
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