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Volume 12 February 1975

ARTHUR T. BIRSH - publisher
JOAN ALLEMAN RUBIN - editor-in-chief
CYNTHIA CARTY - program editor
LEO LERMAN - senior editor
WALTER VATTER - associate editor
THOMAS A. STEINFELD - national sales director
L. ROBERT CHARLES - general sales director
ELAINE KLEIN - director of special sales
MIMI HOROWITZ - publication coordinator
MARY F. SEATON - assistant to the publisher

PLAYBILL is published monthly in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. New York edition is published by American Theatre Press, Inc. 151 E. 50th St., N. Y., N. Y. 10022. 212-751-9550. Pres & Treas.: Arthur T. Birsh; Vice-Pres.: Steven J. Kumble; Sec.: Mary F. Seaton. Printed in U.S.A. Copyright © American Theatre Press, Inc. 1975. All rights reserved.

Daddy wrote him out of the will--"
Just then, a cop appeared from between two parked cars, and the horse said he had to go. But he'd got me to thinking about the problem. Maybe real animals had had it better in the old days. Billy Rose had brought a live elephant onto the stage of the Winter Garden in Jumbo; today that elephant would be played by Dustin Hoffman and Rosalind Russell, neither of whom can resist an acting challenge.

Modern-times-wise, Gypsy featured a real little lamb, and The Wiz, a real little dog, but the animals call that tokenism. True enough, the producers of Good News, which came and went very fast this season, agreed to give a reasonable number of quadrupeds a break (Good News featured a football team which spent a lot of time looking for a mascot, so a llama and various other beasts of the field peopled-or, rather, livestocked-the stage) but they're all back on the unemployment line now.

Certain defenders of Broadway managers have suggested that the animals are trying to get too much too fast, that they ought to be content with such gains as have been made, and quit antagonizing potential supporters. One man pointed out to me that in The Magic Show a magician named Doug Hennings takes a perfectly nice red-headed woman and turns her into a cougar. "What do these animals want?" the man says. "Once upon a time that
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