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The Performing Arts Subscription Series-
a rare opportunity
The fact that you are reading this program suggests that you prefer [[italic]] live [[/italic]] entertainment, that special involvement with a performance that is lacking on film, recordings or television. But how many memorable evenings have you missed because tickets were not easily available?
Or perhaps your devotion to one art form has deprived you of rare opportunities to witness historic performances in others. Surely a passion for the theatre would not have led you, in an earlier time, to miss a chance to see a Caruso or Paderewski--nor a love for opera have made you indifferent to a Nijinsky or Barrymore. Like all of us, you want to add to your personal store of treasured occasions.
So consider this. Now--today--[[italic]] these [[/italic]] are the good old days you'll be talking about, thinking about, in the years ahead. And, right now, there are artists performing in New York who offer the same excitement, the same magic, that captivated audiences of earlier generations.
That is why we have formed PASS. Not to sell tickets for performances that would be fully sold out in any case, but to make it easier for you to obtain excellent seats at regular prices for unusual occasions. In the future we hope to extend our offer to other events of equal merit. For now, we urge you to act promptly as orders will be filled in order of receipt.
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[[photo of man standing next to a blue car in the driveway of a landscaped home]]
[[bold]] MONTE CARLO 1975
When a car makes you feel good about its looks, that's styling. When a car makes you feel good about yourself, that's character. [[/bold]]

Monte Carlo can do what you may have forgotten a car can do.
It can make you feel good about yourself.
[[bold]] Feel good about your taste. [[/bold]]
If your eye, your bones tell you Monte Carlo satisfies your taste, trust them.
Monte Carlo is original. Honest. Genuine.
It is a comfortable car, free of gaudiness or overstuffing.
A good example of its level of comfort is shown here--a new reclining passenger seat available when you order the Custom Interior.
You find it appealing? You have impeccable taste.
[[bold]] Ah...but what of your judgment? [[/bold]]
Above reproach. 
Monte Carlo is a trim, personal-size car at a Chevrolet price.
And, being a 1975 model, it has Chevrolet's new Efficiency System.
So you not only feel good when you buy Monte Carlo, you feel good while you own Monte Carlo.
[[bold]] Not just styling. Character! [[/bold]]
You can distinguish the car with styling and character, from the car with styling only.
When a car makes you feel good about its looks, that's styling.
But when it makes you feel good about yourself, that's character.
See for yourself. At your Chevrolet dealer's.
Monte Carlo, 1975.
[[image of reclining front seats in car interior]]
[[image of black cross logo with Chevrolet emblazoned on logo]]

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