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The Woolmark label is your assurance of quality-tested products made of the world's best...Pure Wool

Famous for elegance in sportswear, dresses, suits and ensembles. Dalton of America, Dalton Blvd., Willoughby, Ohio and New York City. Also makers of Kenrob sportswear and Hadley Active sportswear.

From a collection at Halle's

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to retire. Sonny Bono to open a chain of Sonny pizza parlors. Marlon Brando to set up his own independent nation on a South Pacific island. Much much more.

Frederick's of Hollywood, as you probably know, is king of porno-couture. It's a mail-order business and in 1975 they sent out over $21 million worth of sexy sleaze. Biggest sellers, always, those derrick-bras that anchor the breasts with saucy implausibility up under the chin. Frederick's also claims to be First with a swimsuit that's a dead ringer for Halston's 
"Savage" suit that this spring had his elegant customers cooing.

My friend Gloria is a phenomenal cook, Chinese style - ask Danny Kaye. She is also a gifted, enjoyable writer. Her second book is just out, Learn Chinese Cooking In Your Own Kitchen (by Gloria Bley Miller, Grosset & Dunlop, $8.95). Learn is the key word here. Instructions are so clear and concise you just have to, taking the mystery out of Chinese cookery. The book is full of dishes both simple and sumptuous. A few of my favorites are Drunken Pork, Steamed Honey Pears, Sherry Fish and Spiced Chicken Livers.

Random echoes: "Oh, Eloise has got to be 60 - she's nostalgic about rumble seats"... "Ted's picked up on that jolting walk the TV commercial guys all use - thanks it's jaunty" ... "Don't they remind you of a pair of matched mules?" ... "So when the story broke, there she was with the book all ready to go" ... "They know how to give the ultimate ho-hum party, liquor runs out, dribbly dips and Chicken Delight, oh yum" ... "What I say is, blip him" ... "But if we add Plus to the name we'd have the whole 1977 campaign" ... "Easy - like laying hands on a pair for Chorus Line" ... "Sure, Wayne is a self-taught actor - showing all the horrors of unskilled labor" ... "You just know he's a one-position man" ... "I've decided to go back on the diaphragm" ... "Like a good dandruff commercial during dinner" ... "Marlon is a fat slob, 265 lbs. of flab" ... "Football players never tell their wives anything" ... "Phyllis keeps confusing herself with a sex kitten, and with eggs like oak trees it's embarrassing" ... "Well, I just wish Cary Grant had come out for him." 

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****     THEATRE GUIDE    ****
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A CHORUS LINE - Mon.-Sat. Eves. at 8 PM. Orch. & Boxes $16.50, Mezz. $16.50, $15, $13. Balc. $10. Wed. Mat at 2 PM: Orch. & Boxes $12, Mezz. $12, $10. Balc. $6. Sat. Mat at 2 PM: Orch. & Boxes $15, Mezz. $15, $13, Balc. $8. Ticketron: 541-7290 Shubert Thea. 225 W. 44th St.
Phone 246-5990.

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BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR - "Dazzling!" - Barnes, N.Y. Times. Tues., Wed., Thurs. Eves at 8; Sun. at 2:30 and 7; Sat. Mats. at 2. $15, 13, 11, 8. Fri. & Sat. Eves. at 8: $16.50, 14.50, 12.50, 10. Group Sales: 796-3074. ANTA Theatre, 52nd St. W. of B'way, 246-6270.

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CALIFORNIA SUITE - New comedy by Neil Simon! Mon.-Thurs. at 8: $11, 10, 8, 6. Fri. & Sat. Evgs. at 8: $13, 12, 9, 7. Wed. Mats. at 2: $10, 9, 7, 5. Group Sales: 246-0219. Chargit: Maj. Cred. Cards. 239-7177. O'Neill Thea., 230 W. 49th St. 246-0220.

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CHICAGO - Starring Gwen Verdon, and Jerry Orbach! Mon.-Fri. at 8: $16, 13.50, 11, 10, 9, 8. Sat. Evgs. at 8: $17.50, 15, 12, 11, 10, 9. Wed. Mats. at 2: $12.50, 10, 9, 8, 7. Sat. Mats. at 2: $14, 12, 10, 9, 8. 46th St. Theatre 225 W. 46 St. 246-4271.

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DAYS IN THE TREES - Sept. 23 thru Nov. 21. Preview Prices $8.95. Reg prices $9.95. Tues.-Sat. 8; Mats. Wed., Sat. 2; Sun. 3. Circle in the Square, 50 St. W. of B'way Circle Charge: 581-0720/Ticketron: (212)541-7290.

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FOR COLORED GIRLS...N.Y. Shakespeare Festival Production Tues., Wed., Thurs. evgs. at 8 PM,
Sat. Mat. at 2 PM, Sun. Mat. at 3 PNM Orch. $11, Mezz. $11, $9, $8, $7. Fri., Sat. evgs. at 8 PM Orch. $12, Mezz. $12, $10, $8, $7. Wed. Mat. at 2 PM Orch. $9. Mezz. $9, $8, $7, $6. Booth Thea. 222 W. 45th St. 246-5969.

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GODSPELL - Wed.-Sat Evgs. at 8: $13.50, 12, 10, 8. Wed. & Sat. Mats. at 2; Sun. at 2 & 5:30: $10, 8, 6, 5. Phone Res: 246-9156/Group Sales: 757-9288. Plymouth Thea., 236 W. 45th St. Phone: 246-9156.
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Celebrated for celebrity watching. Gourmet dining in a sumptuous setting. Among the marvels: Steak Diane, Fettucini Alfredo, Fried Ice Cream. Luncheon and dinner. Sunday brunch with strolling musicians. High tea every day.
[right side]OR HALE AND HEARTY.
Manhattan's renowned restaurant pub. Man-sized drinks. Menu to match. Hearty English fare. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, steaks, chops, Dover sole. And deep dish apple pie, too. Luncheon, dinner, supper daily.
[on triangle] PEACOCK ALLEY    BULL & BEAR
[bottom center] The Waldorf Astoria
Park Ave at 50th St. Res. (212) 355-####
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