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Mamma Leone's

"The only seat on Broadway that comes with a pasta side dish"

New York's Most Memorable Restaurant 
261 W. 44th St., West of Broadway
(at The Milford Plaza Hotel)

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August 1990 Vol. 90 No. 8

4. Backward Glances
8. A Name to Reckon With
by Rebecca Morehouse
12 Dear Playbill
by Louis Botto
32. The Spunk of Zora
by Louis Botto
34. Notes From The League
38. A Theatregoer's Notebook
by Kathy Henderson
40. From Eliza to Desiree
by Sheryl Flatow
42. Playbill Dining and Entertainment Guide
48. How Many Have Your Seen?

Joan Alleman, editor-in-chief
Louis Botto
senior editor
Norma Adler
program editor
Linda L. Smith
asst. editor
Cheryl Sueskind
program editor
Judy Samelson, managing editor

L. Robert Charles, general sales director
Thomas A. Steinfeld
national sales direction
Elaine Klein
special sales director
Irv Winick
rest. & entertain. sales
Elin Nierenberg
fashion sales
Advertising Sales-71 Vanderbilt Ave., Suite 321, New York, N.Y. 10169 212 557-5757

Arthur T. Birsh, publisher
Gary Pearce
director graphic services
Russell Cannizzaro
Neil M. Babitch
asst. to publisher
Lewis Cole

PLAYBILL® is a registered trademark of Playbill Incorporated © Copyright 1990. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited. Licensed Theatre Editions: Boston, Florida, Philadelphia/Baltimore and Texas. New York Edition of Playbill is published by Playbill Incorporated, 71 Vanderbilt Ave., New York, N.Y. 10169. 212-557-5757. President: Arthur T. Birsh; Treasurer: Russell Cannizzaro; Secretary: Theodore P. Halperin. Printed in U.S.A.
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