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[[image - black & white photograph of a bottle of Seagram's Extra Dry Gin]]
This week's perfect martini secret.
Marinate button mushrooms in vermouth and use the perfect martini gin, of course.
Seagram's. The perfect martini gin.


[[image - drawing of the crested logo of Steiner of London]] 
By Appointment Hairdressers & Perfumers

Styles of distinction
In our new Steiner Salon, hair fashions are not merely followed but [[underlined]] made, [[/underlined]] and recognized instantly wherever elegance is 'de rigueur.'  Our British staff offers the ultimate in personal service – the creative, quality attention which has won the Steiner reputation.  Please ring Lady Audrey Raikes at PL-8-7575 to talk about an appointment soon.

Steiner of London,
149 East 57th Street, New York, N.Y.

playing bank clerks and telegraph operators.

"Hello, Mr. Helton," says Celia with considerable self-assurance.  "You see, I remember your name."

"That's very nice," responded an obviously pleased Helton.  "Most people just call me 'that little bastard.'"  He took Celia's outstretched and mitten-covered hand and shook it heartily.  Then he shuffled slowly off toward Broadway, while Celia slipped quietly into the shadows clutching her ever-present shopping bag filled with autograph books.  (There are special ones for Academy Award winners and a horoscope book so she can be reminded to send the stars birthday cards.)

Who are Celia and David and the other regulars who gather nightly at Sardi's door?  To call them autograph collectors is an oversimplification, for though there are 5,000 serious, semiprofessional autograph collectors in America today, the Sardi's group has little in common with them.  For one thing, David-Celia-and-company seldom sell any of the thousands of signatures they get.  David is still ruing the day he made the mistake of letting go of one of his prize names – Clark Gable – for $15.

But if David and his group aren't pros, neither are they amateurs.  They have nothing but distain for the baying packs of teen-agers who collect the scrawled signatures of their baying teen-age idols.  "I ain't interested in the Beatles.  Who wants them?" says David.  "A lot of girls hanging around, if you know what I mean."

No, the Sardi's group are special, as unique as the street they haunt.  They've been at the same post for so long – as long as doorman Fratino can remember and he's been on the job 10 years – that by now they've become part of the gaudy backdrop that the celebrities play against.  And though it is difficult to understand


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[[image -  framed photograph of woman in arabian/turkish costume]]
©1968 Yardley of London, Inc.

She was the favorite of the harem. 

The Khadine.
A Padishah could own all the women he wanted.
The one he wanted most was the Khadine.
When you've decided which woman you want the most, make your move.
Give her the fragrance of Khadine.™

[[image: color photographs of Khadine products]]
1. Perfumed Soap, 3 bars, $5.00.
2. Cologne Concentré, 6 ounces, $10.00.
3. Cologne Mist, 2 ounces, $5.00.
4. Perfume Amulet, $5.50.

Khadine Harem Chests (not shown) 4 gift sets, from $11.50 to $15.00.  1/2 ounce perfume and bath oil, $5.00

Khadine™, a fragrance for the bath and after by Yardley of London.
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