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A Roster of Secret Societies

Commanderies, K. T.

WESTERN STAR NO. 1--Meets 2nd Thursday night. Jno. Parr, 2733 Mills St. Em. Commander Jeff. 1880; J.W. Beard, Recorder, 4138 Enright, Lin. 7528-W.
ONWARD NO. 2--Meets third Tuesday. Jas. Sykes, 26 N. Compton, Bomont 1588-M, E.C.; V.E. Williams, Recorder, 4587 Garfield Avenue., F. 7479-W.
TUSCAN NO. 12--Meet's 3rd Thursday. Emmett Brown, E. C., 721 N. Compton Ave., Cen. 7920, Station 20; George Broomfield, Recorder, 4208 Finney Ave., Lin. 2797.
KEYSTONE, COM. NO. 8.--Meets fourth Thursday in each month. All fraternities invited. E. E. Edwards, E. C., 3406 Lawton Blvd. Lin. 7613-J; Geo. B. Hatch, Recorder, 4306 Labadie Ave., Lin. 4576-M.


LODGE OF PERFECTION--Stated 3rd Friday, March, July, Nov. S. A. May, T. P. S. M., 4229 Garfield Ave., Lin. 4837-J; Jas. T. Cannon, Sec'y., 3523 Lawton, Lindell 3555.
ROSE CROIX CHAPTER--Stated 3rd Friday Feb., June. Dr. J. T. Edwards, 1419 Morgan St.; Jas. T. Cannon, Recorder, 3525 Lawton, Lin. 3355.
COUNCIL OF KADOSH--Stated third Friday March, July, Nov. Wm. H. Butler, 3518 Cozens Ave., V. E. C.; Jas. T. Cannon, Sec., 3523 Lawton, Lindell 3355.
EUREKA CONSISTORY NO. 29--Stated 3rd Friday, April, Aug., Dec. Geo. W. Lewis, C. C., 4341 Cook Ave., Del. 4291; J. T. Cannon, Sec'y., 3523 Lawton Blvd., Lin. 3355.
MEDINAH TEMPLE NO. 39, A. E. A. O. N. M. SHRINE, meets the first Sunday at 2:30 p. m. at 3619 Easton McKinley Hardeman, 4206 W. Cook Ave., Del. 1989-M, Potentate; G. W. Draper, Recorder, "Y" Jefferson 0702


MEDINAH COURT NO. 15--Meets first Frday of each month at 7:30 p. m. Minnie Simpson, Ill. Commandress, 4235 Finney Ave.; Mrs. Ruth Value, Recorder, 3912 Finney Ave., Lin. 4305-W.


ONWARD COURT, NO. 111--Stated communication 3rd Friday afternoon each month. Ida Byrd, 3022 Clark Ave. Jefferson 1258-J. Lola Dotson, Sec'y., 2417 N. Whitter St.
GEORGE W. BROWN, No. 116--Stated Communication 4th Wednesday afternoon in each month. Lucy Shakelford, M. A. M., 3200 Pine Blvd., Bom. 1421; Lillie McCothen, Sec'y., 8. So. 21st St.
MARIA L. HARRISON NO. 22 - Stated communication 4th Thursday afternoon in each month, Lottie Allen, M.A.M., 4356 Garfield Ave., Lindell 3226-M. Wilber Belger, Sec'y. 4417 Kennedy Ave.
CRITTENDEN E. CLARK NO. 20 - Stated Communication 1st Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Jessie Miller, M.A.M. 4207a W. Easton Ave., Lin. 4072-J; Miss Gladys Williams, Sec'y., 4280 St. Ferdinand, Lin. 1597-J
MALINDA J. THOMAS NO. 3 - meets the fourth Monday. Irene Boxley, M.A.M., 1704 Bon Homme Ave., Clayton, Mo.; Myrdia Love, Secretary, 4257 Enright. Lindell 239-R.
BOAZ NO. 108 - meets fourth Saturday afternoon. Veda Anderson, M.A.M., 1619 Chestnut St.; Bessie Coleman, Secretary, 1703 Goode Ave. Lindell 4068-J.

ESTHER NO. 5 - Stated communication 1st Thursday afternoon. Geneva Malone, W.M., Jeff. 2146-W; Eva G. Bolden, Sec'y., 5506 Michigan Ave.
ST. JAMES NO. 6 - Meeting 3rd Thursday. Callie Lee, W.M., 3438 Lawton Blvd., Lindell 4855-J; Ethel Johnson, Sec'y., 4413 Garfield Ave.
NEW HOPE NO. 56 - Meeting 4th Thursday. Nellie S. Rogers, W.M., 4449 St. Ferdinand; Gertrude P. Howard Sec., 4207 W. St. Louis Ave.

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Dollars for This man --- Do You Know Him?

He is ambitious. He wants to get on in the world. He isn't satisfied just to make a living. He wants to feel that he can afford many little pleasure and comforts which his present income does not permit.

PROBABLY he is already employed and busy, though it doesn't matter whether he works in a store in an office or on a farm.

He may perhaps be a clerk, a printer or a salesman. While his present and  past experience may help, it is not at all necessary, to insure his future success.

He may be a young fellow on the way up or an older man "facing sunsets"; it makes no difference so long as he has the desire to win, is careful about his appearance and gentlemanly in his manner.

If, in addition to these requirements, the man you have in mind can find an hour or so, daytime or evening, to represent the subscription interests of THE VOICE, you will be doing him a big favor by sending us his name.

Whether you write or send the coupon below, we will not mention your name - or does the picture just painted fit you? If so, you're lucky. Simply send the coupon.

--- Clip and Mail---
3137 Pine Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.
Please send all details of your offer, but without obligation, to the following:
(My) (His) Name...
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