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Denver Dots & Dashes
By T.S. Williams
Because of the nature of their work, there are many members of the profession who get but little publicity, although they are responsible for the musical morale of their community. Orchestras and entertainers come and go, but there are a group of vocalists and instrumentalists that remain to train the young, entertain the old and keep the old home town on the map. Usually these are woman who are trained by teachers of note, but lack of opportunity of, as some would say, breaks, makes them flowers born to blush unseen. In this issue we wish to pay homage to a few of them. 

Mrs. Grace McCain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Burns, of Chicago, tutored by Miss Kathryn Cohron, who studied at Denver U. and the Lamont School of Music. Mrs. McCain is rated tops on piano and has a bevy of kiddies under her instruction in the art. 

Speaking of Miss Cohron, there are none better when it comes to piano classics and orchestra music. She long since realized that being a member of this or that orchestra added nothing to her bank account, therefore she proceeded to prepare for a broader field, and now music teachers seek her instructions.

Mrs. Marie Oneil, soloist, has studied under several of the best masters, and on one of her eastern trips was the guest soloist of several leading A.M.E. Church choirs.
Mesdames Jewel Orme, Franke Fisher, Grace McCain, Pauline Duncan, constitute the Douglass Ladies' Quartette. This group has remained unbroken for more than four years, have sung over all the local broadcasting stations and will soon be heard in an audition for a network contract. Miss Kathryn Cohron is pianist for the group who are under the tutorship of Mr. Schnebly. 

Mrs. Ruby Locke Bryd, Miss Oma Ruth Brown and Mrs. Ethel Arnold Dade were known throughout the entire West as soloists who have spent much time and money in the pursuit of their work. All have given recitals which were attended by not only the public generally, but by teachers and artists of the other group of all our leading schools of music. 
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Mesdames Etta Linda Clinkscale, Irene McWilliams, choir directors and trainers of choruses, have been before the public for several years in their work. Mrs. Clinkscale recently retired as director of Shorter A.M.E. Church choir, an aggregation with a membership of more than eighty mixed voices, Mrs. McWilliams founded the Treble Clef Club and directed same in broadcasts over K.O.A. Station, weekly over a six weeks' period. She is at present instructor of music under the PWA movement at the Glenarm Y.M.C.A.

Miss Elenoir Griffin, graduate of Philander Smith College, where she majored in vocal, is known for her work as first soprano in quartette, having worked with the Dixieland group and the Cammel Ladies' Quartette. She is one of the Shorter Church Choir's soloists. 

ALthough this article is a little different, we hope that you received it in the spirit that it is written. Why not give the climber a boost as well as praises to those who by chance have reached the top. It is quite easy to fall from the top, and once down, may the gods have mercy. 
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Majors and Minors in Milwaukee

Billie Wilson, trumpet player, a former member of Local 208, in Chicago, and for the past four years a member of Local 587, has been confined for the past six months. Let's all hope he can return home soon. Tommie Stoval has a new job for six months and it isn't playing piano either, John White, Tenor Saxophonist, is about to join the same outfit Cab Calloway and his Band swung here for the fays--but we were there, too.
Jeff Thompson is one of the cleverest dancers that has been here. He is wearing his leather out at the Lyndale Club. Marion Webb, the songbird of Lyndale, is winning the public with her melodious voice and pleasing personality. Pearl Madison, the musical dancer, has just completed an engagement at the Apex Club in Buffalo, and now dancing to the hot tunes of Henry Johnson's band at the Four Aces, here in Milwaukee. Grant Moore is getting his band ready for the road. I'm not sure of the lineup as it isn't complete. THat entertaining little Miss Barbara Wells will be on the piano again. She is also a "torch singer" and a very good one. Robert (Bob) Russell, the "high-note" man, is reaching them nightly with Tommie Fox's Orchestra at the Oasis Gardens. Dale and Daniels are as modest as ever with their clever dance team. Who said girls won't stick together? Here's hoping for better times and until next issue, I'll cool.

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