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 Southern Breeze 
   By J.C. Davis
 Rockingham, N. C. formerly
Monroe, N.C. 
 After two successful weeks at
Augusta, Ga., the Winsteads Min-
steel Show moved into Camden, 
S.C., to an appreciative audience. 
Carter Lockhard, of Washington, 
D.C., stage manager; Sid (Chinese
Bells) Perrin, versatile music ar-
ranger and technical adviser–with
this combination of producers the 
show is fast developing into one of
the fastest on the road. Among the 
roster we find Blue Bell and Hus-
band, saxophone; Geo. Dennis,
comic; Spark Plug, acrobat, and 
Happy Dounevor, who, by the way, 
are all keen for "The Show-Down." 
The No. 2 show is managed by Mr. 
Earl Backer (Earl Backer's Origi-
nal Georgia Minstrels). 
 We have just learned of sorrow
connected with us, and we pause to 
pay humble respects to Happy Dou-
nevor, whose lost his sister, Louise
"Pet" Gentry, Dec. 23, 1935, at
New York City, who was born in 
Washington, D.C.  Those who
have worked with "Pet" found her 
a good fellow and a good trouper, 
and realize they have lost one of
the best.
 Spark-plug Goodman, Blanche 
Baldwin, Lena Hopkins, Baby Hop-
kins, George Baldwin, Henry Hop-
kings, and Hambone Hamilton, will
open soon in "Buntes Carnival." 
 While in Augusta, Ga., I noticed
a very commendable business that
should go a long ways to wake up 
the negro to his business oppor-
tunities. "The Lenox Pharmacy"
which opened recently has an all-
colored personnel. We wish you
great success. 
 Harry Walker's Band played
Augusta, Ga., for two weeks at the 
Epicurean Hall. Boy, were they
good? And how!
 The "Augusta Nighthawks," a
fast combination of eight, has the
foundation of bigger and better 
things. In fact, Augusta is full of
young fellows with talent. 
 Had a letter from Herman Higgs
one of the singingest boys this side
of the Rockies, says to tell every-
body hello. 
 Flash! Flash! Blessed Event. 
Sloan vs. Sloan (Mattie 
and Frank), Clarinet player with Win-
stead's Band. Congrats.  
 Pardon me, I hear a whistle; I
guess its Willie and Virginia walk-
ing. No they're riding, via Chevro-
let. You know who I mean, Willie
and Virginia Jones.   

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Radio Flashes From 
the Southeast Coast
 By Theodore R. Farmer
Have you ever been called a
knocker? When you meet friends
whom you believe are your friends
do they seem to be in a hurry to 
leave you? Do you ever stop to
think why this is? Who is to 
blame? If you are always knock-
ing somebody, talking against this
and that, that is the answer. Be a 
booster and not a knocker. Every 
time you have a chance, boost this
magazine, help it grow and you
will grow with it. It needs your
support. If your are on the southeast 
coast, send me your listing and 
your theatrical news. This means
a lot to you, Mr. Booker, Theatre 
Managers, Ballroom Managers and 
Club Managers. 
 Mamie Smith and her recording 
orchestra have been playing a few
dates on the coast recently. Judg-
ing from the crowds who packed 
the city Auditorium in Raleigh, 
N.C., recently, it proves that she
has a red hot swing unit and is go-
ing over in a great big way wher-
ever she appears. Jimmie Gunn 
and His Dixie Serenaders, North 
Carolina's Ace Orchestra from 
Charlotte, N.C., played a dance
engagement from the N.C. Teachers'
Association a few weeks ago. The 
dance was attended by a large
crowd from every point in the state. 
Jimmie and his unit have not long 
returned from New York State....
Zach Whyte and His Chocolate
Beau Brummels Orchestra from
Cincinnati have been barn storming
the following states, with much 
praise: Florida, Georgia, South
Carolina, North Carlina. Zack
has a fine bunch of young lads and 
his orchestra is at a popular de-
 A certain couple with Winstead's
middle aisled in it order to make 
better team work. Nine to go, "I 
thing it will be twins." 

 Uncle Burk, Central Avenue's 
"Tampa," is the hot spot in Florida. 
It's so hot there some of the boys
couldn't stand the heat. They're 
now cooling off every Monday. 
 I guess I had better stop, the 
landlord is threatining to have me
arrested for "disturbing the peace." 
The truth of the matter is I was 
pecking on my typewriter. Some-
day, maybe, I'll learn how, just in
order to give him "Rhythm on my 
 Be seein' you in church. 

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and throughout the southern 
 Cab Calloway left a mighty im-
pression in Charleston and Blue-
field, W. Va., recently, when he 
played these two cities. One can
hear the fans whistling the tunes
which Calloway played while there. 
 Take a tip from me, keep your 
eyes on Jimmie Lunceford, that 
boy is climbing by leaps and bounds. 
 Andy Kirk and his Orchestra
from the golden west, who has been 
playing at the Astoria Club in Balti-
more, Md., are to make a few 
Decca records and then they will play 
several colored houses in the east
before returning to the Fairland
Amusement Park in Kansas City. 
 If you are in the following states
send me your theatrical news, ad-
vertisement and listings: Maryland;
D. C.; West Virginia; Virginia,
North Carolina, South Carolina; 
Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. Mr. 
Orchestra Leader, if you desire a 
coast to coast or southland tour, get
in touch with the writer of this 
 Until next month,
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and doing a fine job at producing
...Chris Childs seems to like the
foods at Morris' Restaurant more
than any other place ... What is
the attraction, Chris? ... At 47th
and South Parkway, one of the 
most modernistic flower shops have
been supplying flowers to the elite
and is making a special concession
to "the-ats" who love flowers ...
This shop is under the superb man-
agement of Misses Fredicka Garrett
and Elsie Carter ... Mrs. Gaines
handles the Lending Library ... 
Whenever in Chicago stop off at
the Gay Flower and Modern Book
Shop and get that lovely bunch of 
flowers that you long wanted ...
Maceo Burch continues to hold on 
at Grand Terrace Cafe as manager
... And agin amidst profound 
cheers in the background I take 
leave ... Look for me among the 
lovely flowers in May issue. 
 Be theatrical and get a pipe. All 
the The-Ats are doing it. Why not
 P.S. Just bought myself on. 

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