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On the Third Date
She was mine!
I could not resist the hypnotic lure of gorgeous black hair. So I asked her to marry me.

The first night I met her something snapped within me. I didn't know exactly what, except that every time I looked at her I got thrilled all over. I would go home at night sort of chilly, walking on air. She wasn't particularly pretty, or clever. But her hair was soft, fluffy and coal black. The black glisten to her hair seemed to hypnotize me.
On our first date I wanted to marry her. On the second, I asked her. On the third she said she would be mine.

Uses Godefroy's Hair Coloring
I found out later that she kept her hair radiant and black by using Godefroy's world-famous Larieuse Hair Coloring. The best was none too good for her hair. She was very careful about her personal appearance, too, particularly about her clothes and skin. But above all she was jealous of her beautiful hair. She often says, "I caught you by the lure of my hair, and I mean to keep you the same way."
Godefroy's Hair Coloring has no stickiness or odor. Each treatment keeps the hair coal-black and lustruous for 6 months. It banishes grey hair in 5 minutes. And it is as simple to use at home as an ordinary hair shampoo. 
Godefroy's Hair Coloring can be used over all hair straighteners. Don't worry if your hair has become red, grey or streaked by the use of hot irons and straighteners. Godefroy's Larieuse Hair Coloring will restore the original color and keep your hair a gorgeous black. 

Black Hair Has Hypnotic Lure on Men, Says Beauty Specialist

Madam E. Nightingale Scott, prominent beauty specialist of Chicago, recommends to her clients that they keep their hair coal black continually.
"Luxurious black hair," says Mme. Scott, "has a strange hypnotic effect on the opposite sex. Striking jet hair on a woman seems to arouse a man's affections beyond words. A woman who allows her hair to remain red, grey or streaked without relying on some good hair coloring to restore the original black tone is doing herself great harm."

[[image caption]]: Be careful of your hair. Use only the best. The Godefroy Mfg. Co. guarantees its products. Get satisfaction or your money back. On sale at all leading drug stores.

Godefroy's Larieuse Hair Coloring, Postpaid Offer

Godefroy MFG. CO., 3500 Olive St., Dept. DC, St. Louis, Mo.
Send me at once a full size bottle of Godefroy's Larieuse French Hair Coloring. I want to make my hair a beautiful, lustrous black. I enclose $1.25 (Tax paid)(stamps or postoffice money order).
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Street [[blank line]]
City [[blank line]] State [[blank line]] 

Woodward Studio
Prompt And Efficient Service
Every thoughtful and considerate man should provide his family with a portrait of himself, as he is today.
How Long Since You Were Photographed?
Framing And Enlarging Old Photos
366 E 47th Str., Suite 13, Oakland 2020, Chicago

A National Institution To Promote Travel And Hotel Interests
Interstate Travel And Hotel Association Inc., The Brady System, Chicago, Ill.
4731 S. Parkway, Regal Bldg.
Railroads, Steamships, Motor Service and Sight-seeing
Everything in Travels, Hotels or Semi-Private Residents
Wire or Write for World's Fair Rates

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