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Director, Charles R. Richards
Secretary, Laurence Vail Coleman

2 West 46th Street
New York City

March 16, 1925.

[[circled in pencil]]
Mr. Eugene W. Glaenzer,
705 Fifth Avenue,
New York City. 

My dear Mr. Glaenzer:

I am under the impression that you are interested in museums [[marginalia]] [[Not [[?]] Museums]] [[/marginalia]] and for that reason I am writing to invite you to membership in The American Association of Museums.

This organization represents museums of art, science and history, and is engaged in efforts to advance the interests of these institutions, to improve the standards of their work and to secure fuller appreciation of museums by the public.

If you would like to find out a little more about the museum movement, will you please return the enclosed post card and we shall be glad to enroll you as a member and to send you our publications during the next two months.

Sincerely yours,
[[signed]] L V Coleman [[/signed]]