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AFA - 4
The Wasdworth Athaneum's  "TWO THOUSAND YEARS OF TAPESTRY WEAVING treasures traveling from the Cluny, the Victoria and Albert, the Prado,  to give glamor to Hartford's hallowed walls, opening December 7th.  A smaller version moves later to Baltimore.

The RUSICRUCIAN Museum, San Jose, California, is doubling its floor space and planning great things.

Andre Girard's Exhibition, Carstairs, December 4th, has a single THEME - the building of a church.  Focal point will be model done in collaboration with Jean Labatut, Director, Graduate School of Architecture, Princeton.  It is POLYGNAL in shape, with walls of thermo pane glass.  Gerard paints directly on the glass - story current  Liturgical Arts Magazine.

[[underlined]] What's New in Films [[/underlined]]  Prize films  from Woodstock festival shown at Hunter College. Big house, $3.690 top.

The AFA "FILMS ON ART"; publication early in 1952.

✔️NEW FILMS:  [[underlined & bracketed]] Balzac [[/underlined & bracketed]] A.F.Films (2) b/w, sd. R $10, S $80. 22 min.  Excellent biographical, not critical, film on Balzac, telling its story in terms of contemporary painting, sculpture, objects.

→[[underlined]]Publications[[/underlined]]] MADEMOISELLE, December: 20th Fox releasing six 10 min. great art shorts.  Art adviser: Dr. Alfred Frankfurter.  January release: Botticelli.
VOGUE, December: Story on Matisse Chapel with five color-pages of windows.  For further story, see November MAGAZINE OF ART.
UNESCO has published "Press, Film, Number 4, 1950", available from Columbia University Press International Document Service, 2960 Broadway, New York 27; $3.50 per copy.

[[underlined]] Who's Talking  MARVIN ROSS, Walters Gallery, Baltimore, at Gallery of Fine Arts, Columbus, Ohio, December 7th, "Sevres Porcelain." ... JOHN REWALD at Wells College, Aurora, N, Y., Jan. 29th, "Maillol."... JACQUES LIPCHITZ travels to Houston in December to speak... ERIC NEWTON, former critic Sunday Times, London, Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo, February 29th, "High Point of Renaissance."... ERWIN PANOFSKY, at Albright March 28th. "Traffic Accidents on the Road to Art."
...Speakers at the [[underlined]] Art Institute of Chicago's million dollar kickoff dinner [[/underlined]] Will be FRANCIS HENRY TAYLOR, OTTO SPAETH, and ANDREW HEISKELL, Publisher of LIFE.

Credit:  this letterhead with its monogram in-flight is the contribution of Leo Lionni, of Fortune.  To him hour thanks.

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