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receipts, and already $44,500 in bookings have been contracted, indicating that the total for the year will again exceed the budgeted figure.

Mrs. Spaeth explained the three types of exhibitions that make up the AFA program: those taken over from museums, for which AFA acts as a circulating agent; the sponsored exhibits, which usually are designed for, or by, an industrial firm; and third, those created entirely by AFA. the Exhibitions Committee passes on all material in the sponsored shows, which must be of museum quality. Some of the most ambitious non-industrial exhibits are sponsored because AFA does not have financial means or staff to execute them. An example is the "God and Man in Art" show, made possible by gifts from two foundations and several private donors.

Bookings for AFA shows will exceed 400 this year, which taxes our present small staff to the limit. Mrs. Spaeth mentioned that exhibitions from abroad are being circulated. Several other types of service are being rendered, such as activities for the Brussels Fair, including preparation of the Catalog for the four visual arts exhibitions in the American Pavilion; acting as administrative agent in arranging the painting exhibition of 17 Contemporary American Painters; and managing the sales desk, which sell postcards, reproductions, books and slides of American art, thus demonstrating a typical educational service of an American museum.

Sales of paintings from AFA circulating shows have increased, and it is hoped that we can promote greater sales, as sales are the life-blood of artists and dealers who lend their works.

Mrs. Spaeth mentioned the two examples of Federation traveling exhibitions, "Forged in Fire" and "Manzu-Morandi", set up at the Carnegie Center, and concluded her report with a general mention of plans for certain advisory councils to work out further policies and practices to increase the value of Committee on Extension Services.

2. Publications - In the absence of Chairman Richard F. Bach, Mrs. Navas of the Committee, said, "The duties of this Committee may be stated simply: to assure the rights and privileges of the Federation and to protect the name and reputation of the Federation in all books, pamphlets, catalogs and other printed matter. To this end, the Committee has submitted a statement of procedures which has the approval of the Board of Trustees.

"The American Art Directory, volume 40, will be issued in July or August of this year, by the R.R. Bowker Company, under the editorship of Miss Dorothy B. Gilbert, in accord with an arrangement made with this Company several years ago. This arrangement produces income for the Federation. The book is sold at $20.00, but to AFA members at $17.50. The book will carry the AFA emblem on the cover.

"Who's Who in American Art, issue of 1959, under similar arrangement with the Bowker Company, will be made ready immediately after the Directory has been distributed. The price will be the same as for the Directory.

"During the year there has also been issued, for free distribution, a pamphlet endorsed by the Federation, under the title The Museum and the Artist - Principles and Procedures Recommended by the Joint Artists-
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