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extremely successful mail order houses. During my trip there I spoke with two of the officers and at that time was told that they were contemplating doing just the sort of thing I had in mind. However, they will not be ready to discuss anything of a definite nature for another few months. I believe that when they are ready to take up this problem we have a definite advantage. (3) Neisner Brothers, Inc, Rochester, N Y is an up and coming chain store organization similar to Woolworth, operating 96 stores at the present time. I have had correspondence with Mr. Neisner, and although for the present he does not feel they are big enough to go into a matter such as we proposed, it is a definite certainty in my mind that when he sees fit to carry out our suggestions, he will come to us for our services and advice.

The Star Cast Co and The Napier Co are concerns who will be willing to make up certain of our designs on a straight royalty basis, if and when we feel that it worthwhile and have the time.

Firms with whom we are constantly in touch and who remain active are: Towle Manufacturing Co, R H Macy & Co, Kaplan Mann Co, Saginaw Furniture Shops, Armstrong Cork Products Co, Palm Fechteler & Co, Detrola Corp, Simons-Michelson Co, Associated Dry Goods Corp (in this group is included Lord & Taylor), Catalin Corp, Morgan Silver Plate Co, Imperial Desk Co, Volupte Inc.

The following firms all remain rpospects. None has definitely said "No." These are completely a question of when, -and continual hammering should eventually convince them of our importance to them: E Katz Special Advertising Agency, Campbell-Ewald Co, Landers Frary & Clark, Fisher Bruce Co, Demuth Glass Works, Ralph C Coxhead Corp, Warren Furniture Co, Richardson Piano Case Co, R Prescott & Son Inc, Tell City Chair Co, Singer Sewing Machine Co, W B Jarvis Co, S Sternau & Co.

All of the following firms will be written to right after the first of the year: Security Steel Equipment Corp, Ficks Reed Co, Benjamin Eschleman, Sears Roebuck & Co, Burroughs Adding Machine Co, Dirigold Co, Studebaker, Packard Motor Car Co, American Emblem Co, Ludlum Steel Co, Libbey Glass Co, International Silver Co, Turner Glass Co, Oneida Community Ltd, Bryce Bros Co, Springfield Metallic Casket Co, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co, The Miller Co, Hall China Co, Hamilton Watch Co, R Wallace & Sons Mfg Co, New Haven Clock Co, Platinel Corp, Reed & Barton, The Robbins Co, U S Metals Refining Co, Robeson Rochester Corp, Saart Bros Mfg Co, Charles Langbein, The Gorham Co, S W Farber Inc, Northern Engraving & Mfg Co, Continental Scale Works, Hanson Scale Co, The Howell Co, Saks Fifth Avenue, Karpen Furniture Co, Albert Frank-Guenther Law Inc, Outdoor Advertising Co, Lawrence Fertig & Co, Rex Window Advertising Co Inc, Joseph Seagram & Sons, J M Matthis, McCann Erickson, Gray Advertising Service, Blackman Advertising Inc, Hanff Metzger, Benton & Bowles, Lennen & Mitchell, General Electric.

The concerns whom we consider as dead accounts, at least for the present, are: Warner Bros, British Gaumont, United Artists, Hocking Glass Co, Cambridge Glass Co, Morgantown Glass Co, National Cash Register, Frigidaire.
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